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    Filmmaking at the Speed of Life in One Fine MorningIn Mia Hansen-Løve’s latest, emotions emerge organically from the unfussy drama onscreen.
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    The Numbing Spectacle of Infinity PoolWhat I did on my summer vacation (watched myself get executed).
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    Skinamarink Isn’t Like Other Horror MoviesKyle Edward Ball’s viral indie sensation has an analog aesthetic but was very much born from the internet.
  4. movie review
    It’s Time to See The Conformist AgainBertolucci’s masterpiece is back in a glorious new 4K restoration.
  5. movie review
    Plane GoodPlane is a movie for your lizard brain — the part of you that craves basic sensations. The part that expresses itself in grunts.
  6. movie review
    ‘Our Fear Empowers Others. No Bears.’Jafar Panahi’s latest film is one of his most powerful.
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    The Pale Blue Eye Is Grisly, Grim, and Surprisingly MovingChristian Bale and Harry Melling are pretty terrific in Scott Cooper’s atmospheric murder mystery.
  8. movie review
    M3gan Is Good Enough for JanuaryThis horror comedy may have gone viral thanks to its Olsen-faced murder machine, but it’s Allison Williams who makes it watchable.
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    The Knives Out Sequel Is Bigger and Better Than the OriginalRian Johnson’s Glass Onion is more precisely designed, sitting with its characters rather than immediately showing off their decay.
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    Living Communes with the Past to Honor a Kurosawa Classic“What if Ikiru, but British?” doesn’t sound like it should work, but it totally does.
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    There’s History in Babylon, But Where’s the Thrill?Damien Chazelle is too worried about the extinction of film to make one capable of truly titillating.
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    Avatar: The Way of Water Is James Cameron’s Most Personal FilmIt’s also, as you might suspect, spectacular.
  13. movie review
    Empire of Light Is Somber, Static, and ShallowStarring Olivia Colman, Micheal Ward, and Colin Firth, Sam Mendes’s film about mental illness and racism in early ’80s England is wan and lifeless.
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    Devotion Tells a Quieter Kind of War StoryJonathan Majors and Glen Powell shine in J.D. Dillard’s Korean War Movie
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    Disney Doesn’t Know What to Do With Strange WorldIf only this environmentally focused adventure featuring a queer Black teenager were as audacious as its themes.
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    All the Beauty and the Bloodshed Is an Incendiary Portrait of Art and ActivismNan Goldin takes on the Sackler family in this sweeping documentary.
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    The Inspection Is Both Incomplete and Full of PromiseA young gay man enlists in the Marines and endures brutal hazing in this autobiographical film from Elegance Bratton.
  18. movie review
    Disenchanted Can’t Conjure the Magic of the OriginalThe title tells you how you’re going to feel after you watch it.
  19. movie review
    Bones and All Is Curiously BloodlessEven though, as a cannibal road-movie romance, it technically has a lot of blood in it.
  20. movie review
    The Menu Is Deliciously MeanRalph Fiennes is a celebrity chef from hell in a film that feels like an unhinged sibling to The Bear.
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    The Son Is So Bad, You May Question Whether You Actually Liked The FatherThe new film from The Father director Florian Zeller, starring Hugh Jackman as a parent unsure of what to do about his child’s depression, is a mess.
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    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Doesn’t Have the AnswersHow can any one film manage the expectations put on Ryan Coogler’s sequel and make space for grief? It can’t.
  23. movie review
    Weird: The Al Yankovic Story Should Have Been WeirderBut credit to Daniel Radcliffe for committing to the bit.
  24. movie review
    Something in the Dirt Gets Paranoid in Los AngelesDirectors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s latest feels more familiar than the duo’s other work, but its enthusiasm goes a long way.
  25. movie review
    Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2 Thrives on Millie Bobby Brown’s CharmThe young actress powers this whole franchise through the force of her charisma.
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    For a Movie About Patriarchal Violence, Holy Spider Sure Murders a Lot of WomenThe new film from Border director Ali Abbasi is a serial-killer story that tries, unsuccessfully, to be more.
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    In Armageddon Time, James Gray Looks at His Life and Doesn’t Like What He SeesJeremy Strong and Anne Hathaway play the director’s parents in this beautiful and damning coming-of-age tale.
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    In Decision to Leave, Park Chan-wook Pulls BackMaybe a little too much.
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    Black Adam Is Entertaining RubbishThe Rock plays the DC superhero with such a stony face that we forget how charming this actor can be otherwise.
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    The Gorgeous Melancholy of AftersunPaul Mescal plays a dad who takes his kid on a holiday he can’t afford in this moody drama about memory.
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    Till Is a Painstakingly Careful Drama About a Racist AtrocityChinonye Chukwu’s film about the murder of Emmett Till is both cautious about and hemmed in by the terrible event at its center.
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    Well, Halloween Ends Is a Pleasant SurpriseAt long last, this most recent run of Halloween movies has its Season of the Witch.
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    Are the Characters in Stars at Noon Unbearable or Just Unbearably Hot?Margaret Qualley and Joe Alwyn are expats unable to keep their hands off of each other in the unsettling Stars at Noon from Claire Denis.
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    Amsterdam Should Feel Intoxicating, But It’s ExhaustingWhenever David O. Russell’s film is operating on an edge of uncertainty, it works. But the freewheeling freewheeling-ness grates.
  35. movie review
    You Need This Pinhead Like You Need, Um, Pins in Your HeadHulu’s Hellraiser, the remake of Clive Barker’s 1987 horror classic, plays it way too safe.
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    Triangle of Sadness’s Class Satire Reaches Hazardous Levels of SmugThis year’s Palme d’Or winner is a total drag.
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    Tár Brilliantly Undoes an Ego Monster of an ArtistCate Blanchett is toweringly great as a famous conductor who meets a very public downfall.
  38. movie review
    Smile Should Smile MoreThe new horror film starts out in a wonderfully creepy and inventive fashion but eventually devolves into generic horror tedium.
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    The Greatest Beer Run Ever Wastes a Very Good Zac EfronPeter Farrelly’s film can’t seem to decide if it wants to be a comedy or a drama and somehow winds up being neither.
  40. movie review
    The Great Walter Hill Returns to the West, for Better and for WorseThe movie’s not perfect, but it’s well worth watching to see what a master filmmaker can do with limited resources.
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    Bros Is at Its Best When It Forgets About Making HistoryBilly Eichner’s romantic comedy is messy, funny, and ultimately charming — when it isn’t weighed down by all the firsts.
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    Blonde Wants to Hurt YouAt times, Andrew Dominik’s movie, starring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe, feels like a slaughterhouse seen from the animal’s point of view.
  43. biennale cinema 2022
    Don’t Worry Darling Is Smooth, Competent, and TediousOlivia Wilde’s film is neither as good nor as bad as you were hoping.
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    Sorry, But Avatar Still RulesJames Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster is back in theaters to remind us how special and spectacular it is.
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    The Woman King Is a Brawny Historical Epic With a Conflicted View of the PastViola Davis presides over a rousing action movie with a touch of wistful alternative history.
  46. tiff 2022
    The Banshees of Inisherin’s Brilliantly Anti-Romantic Portrait of Rural IrelandIn Bruges stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson reunite with filmmaker Martin McDonagh for a wonderfully dark comedy about an ended friendship.
  47. tiff 2022
    Don’t Worry, The Fabelmans Doesn’t Overdo the ‘Magic of Movies’ ShtickSteven Spielberg’s self-portrait is as endearing as it is indulgent.
  48. tiff 2022
    Catherine Called Birdy Is DelightfulLena Dunham takes on a beloved children’s novel, and the results are unexpectedly endearing.
  49. movie review
    What Hides in the Heart of SaloumSaloum burrows its way into your raw nerve endings, your clenched teeth, your jostled bones.
  50. biennale cinema 2022
    The Whale Is a Perfect Comeback Role for Brendan FraserProsthetic or no, it’s hard to imagine anyone else in the part, frankly.
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