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Mrs. Doubtfire

  1. covid-19
    These Are the Shows Closing or Canceling Performances Because of OmicronWaitress, Thoughts of a Colored Man, and Jagged Little Pill have ended their runs early.
  2. theater review
    Mrs. Doubtfire Skirts the ProblemA musical full of cross-dressing tries to meet the moment without sacrificing blockbuster appeal.
  3. role call
    Lisa Jakub Answers Every Question We Have About Mrs. Doubtfire“[At one point] I realized that it was actually going to be believable that we would not know that that was Robin.”
  4. helloooo!
    No, Sadly, There Isn’t an NC-17 Cut of Mrs. DoubtfireBut there’s definitely an R-rated version, says director Chris Columbus.
  5. broadway
    Hello! The Mrs. Doubtfire Musical Is Coming to Broadway in 2020Starring Rob McClure.
  6. broadway
    A Mrs. Doubtfire Musical Is in the WorksWith this and Aladdin, Broadway is going to be 48% Robin Williams IP very soon.
  7. run-by fruiting
    Mrs. Doubtfire Deleted Scenes SurfacedHelllloooooo!
  8. stage adaptations
    The Devil Wears Prada: The Musical?!Kevin McCollum sure hopes so.
  9. Alan Menken Says a ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Musical Is in the WorksThe rumored Mrs. Doubtfire sequel might not be moving forward, but now it looks like the 1993 film is getting the stage musical treatment. […]
  10. musicals
    A Mrs. Doubtfire Musical Is Actively Being Worked OnHello!
  11. Pierce Brosnan Tells Conan About Working with Robin Williams on ‘Mrs. […]On last night’s Conan, Pierce Brosnan looked back on his time working with Robin Williams in 1993’s Mrs. Doubtfire and told a story about the […]
  12. vulture lists
    The 16 Best Robin Williams Movie PerformancesA treasured selection of our favorite Lost Boy’s goofy, manic, and poignant roles.
  13. for those without netflix
    Mrs. Doubtfire Was Basic Cable’s Most PlayedFollowed by She’s All That, Juno, Austin Powers in Goldmember, and Ice Age.
  14. A ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Sequel Is in the Works with Robin Williams AttachedTHR reports that a sequel to the 1993 Robin Williams-in-drag comedy Mrs. Doubtfire is currently in the works at Fox 2000, with Williams […]
  15. sequels
    A Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel Is in the WorksBoth Robin Williams and Chris Columbus are attached.
  16. What If Adele Was Mrs. Doubtfire?It’s a fair question!
  17. Mrs. Doubtfire Is Going to Kill You We should have known when she/he/she/he said, “I can hip-hop, be-bop, dance till ya drop, and yo yo, make a wicked cup of cocoa.” That is […]
  18. mrs. doubtfire
    Watch Mrs. Doubtfire Recut As a Horror FilmTo be fair, those fake teeth were always frightening.