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  1. “not this” -a
    Um, the PLL: Original Sin Producers Say It ‘Exists in’ the Riverdale UniverseWhy? lol
  2. comedy audit
    Chris Fleming Breaks His Silence on Deirdre BeaubeirdraIs Jamie Lee Curtis’s Everything Everywhere All at Once character a poor man’s Sick Jan? We asked the expert.
  3. trailer mix
    Everything Everywhere All at Once Trailer: A Spider-verse of Michelle YeohsSo many Michelles, and somehow still not enough Michelles.
  4. multiverse
    Everything We Learned About The Future of the MCUDisney would like to remind you that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still very much connected.
  5. crossovers
    Here’s a Behind-the-Scenes Supergirl-Flash PicJust to tide you over till the real thing.