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  1. The Duplass Brothers and Bringing the Lo-Fi Mumblecore Aesthetic to […]With the recent mainstream indie success of Mumblecore pioneers Joe Swanberg’s Drinking Buddies and Andrew Bujalski’s Computer Chess, it seems […]
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    8 Mumblecore Films to Scratch Your Rom-Com ItchWith their focus on light conversations and interpersonal relationships, many mumblecore movies feel like less glossy, less eventful rom-coms.
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    Funny Ha Ha Director Andrew Bujalski on Making Ends MeetHis ‘Indecision’ remains incomplete, but luckily “the money from it lasted two years.”
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    ‘Joe Swanberg’s Quiet City’: Mumblecore Auteurs Poke Fun at MumblecoreA six-minute companion piece to a new DIY classic.
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    Ridiculously Young Director Joe Swanberg on ‘Hannah Takes the Stairs’Joe Swanberg is one of the most important faces of what’s being called the “mumblecore” movement, but what gets lost amid the shuffle of press coverage is that his intensely personal filmmaking style has already begun to shift before our very eyes: Hannah Takes the Stairs is easily Swanberg’s most assured, narratively shaped film to date.