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  1. mushroom court
    Vic Mensa Pleads Guilty to Possession of ’Shrooms, Sort OfLet the fun guy have his fungi.
  2. it’s drugs
    Chris Rock Knows the Real Reason Why Tiffany Haddish Cut Her HairIt apparently has to do with Dave Chappelle’s “weed/mushroom chef.”
  3. Have You Heard the One About the Comedian Who Took Shrooms and Went on […] That is comedian Josh Androsky. You can read his full explanation of what happened here but basically he and bunch of his comedian friends […]
  4. don’t do drugs
    John Cusack, Blogger, Still Talking About Those Mushrooms He Ate at the Super BowlJohn Cusack was not ready for some football.
  5. talking points
    John Cusack’s ‘Shroom Publicity TourJohn had a blast in ‘86, and he wants everyone to know about it.