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Music Copyrights

  1. music copyrights
    How ‘I’m Too Sexy’ Ended Up in Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’Right Said Fred didn’t know Taylor Swift wanted to use their song until two days ago.
  2. super bowl
    Why ‘Cold As Ice’ Is the Perfect Song for That Wendy’s Super Bowl CommercialA song licensing CEO discusses the importance of choosing the perfect song for a Super Bowl commercial.
  3. lawsuits
    Paul McCartney Sues Sony Over Beatles CopyrightsHe’s fighting to regain ownership of his pride and joy.
  4. the industry
    Hot Damn: Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson Sued Yet Again Over ‘Uptown Funk’ CopyrightCall the police and the fireman.
  5. lawsuits
    Ariana Grande Joins the Super-Popular Being-Sued-for-Copyright-Infringement ClubStealing music is all the rage these days.
  6. let’s get our lawsuit on
    Ed Sheeran Sued for Copying ‘Let’s Get It On’Ever thought Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” sounded familiar?
  7. petitions
    Taylor Swift and the Music Industry Wage War on YouTube, AgainShe’s signed a growing petition urging Congress to rewrite the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.