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My Bloody Valentine 3 D

  1. 3-d
    Recent Box-Office Analysis Suggests That 3-D Isn’t All ThatPeople are less and less willing to pay extra money to see films in 3-D.
  2. wonders never cease
    Jaime King on the Bonus of 3-D Technology’s Flattering Effect on Her FigureKing eagerly acknowledges 3-D’s gift to both her and her fan base of teenage boys.
  3. pants-shitting
    We Can Barely Contain Our Excitement for My Bloody Valentine 3-DTwo more days! Two more days!
  4. pants-shitting
    Can 3-D Save Horror Movies?Since they’re already heavily invested in it, Lionsgate hopes so!
  5. the industry
    Feast Your Eyes on the New East High School WildcatsDisney finds more kids whose fresh-scrubbed faces will drive your tween daughter mad with prepubescent desire.