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My Week With Marilyn

  1. the harvey weinstein case
    My Week With Marilyn Producer Alleges Harvey Weinstein Physically Assaulted HimDavid Parfitt claims the former studio head allegedly “pinned him against a Coke machine” and threatened him over a screening of the 2011 drama.
  2. education
    Michelle Williams Is Enrolled in the ‘James Franco School’ of BooksHe’s apparently a good teacher.
  3. movies
    Which Movies You Should and Shouldn’t See With Your Family on ChristmasA guide to which films to see and which to avoid this weekend, depending on the relative with whom you’re stuck at the theater.
  4. Harvey Weinstein Threatens to Make Katy Perry Broadway Musical“I think she can play Marilyn on the Broadway stage.”
  5. Kenneth Branagh on Dealing With Divas and Shakespearean Conspiracy Theories“It’s been a year of utterly replenishing my appetite for the work and my enjoyment of it.”
  6. the star market
    The Star Market: Can Michelle Williams Follow Marilyn to the Mainstream?“She hasn’t really carried a movie, other than Blue Valentine; I mean, it was great, but four people saw it.”
  7. supercut
    Watch a Montage of Characters Doing Marilyn Monroe’s Infamous MoveFeel a draft?
  8. Watch the Weinsteins Try to Sell My Week With Marilyn With a Katy Perry SongThey created a video mashup using Perry’s “The One That Got Away” and footage of Michelle Williams in her Marilyn Monroe biopic.
  9. chat room
    Eddie Redmayne on the ‘Eeriness’ of My Week With Marilyn and Loving Michelle Williams’s TV Roots “To this day, I hear that [Dawson’s Creek] theme music and it brings me back.”
  10. clickables
    Watch Michelle Wiliams Sing and Dance in a My Week With Marilyn ClipAs Marilyn Monroe performing “Heat Wave.”
  11. clickables
    See the My Week With Marilyn PosterShot by photographer Brigitte Lacombe.
  12. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Your Awards Season With MarilynWho’s up? Who’s down?
  13. movies
    Spend This Thanksgiving With Marilyn MonroeYou now have another holiday weekend movie option.
  14. trailer mix
    Does Michelle Williams Pull Off Marilyn Monroe?Watch the ‘My Week With Marilyn’ trailer and be the judge.
  15. clickables
    See Emma Watson in Costume As a Fifties Wardrobe GirlThe ‘Harry Potter’ actress tackles period clothes in ‘My Week with Marilyn.’
  16. clickables
    See the First Image of Michelle Williams As Marilyn MonroeHere’s your first look at Michelle as Marilyn in ‘My Week With Marilyn.’
  17. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Ray Liotta Joining Jennifer Aniston on a CommuneAnd Lisa Oz to get her own talk show.
  18. movies
    Emma Watson Lines Up First Post-Potter RoleShe joins a Michelle Williams film about Marilyn Monroe.
  19. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Watts, Michelle WilliamsPlus: Sam Worthington to star in ‘Quatermain.’