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    F. Murray Abraham Responds to Mythic Quest Firing for Alleged Sexual MisconductHis White Lotus character may have been closer to reality than we realized.
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    Mythic Quest Season-Finale Recap: The End of the Goddamned UniverseThe finale changes the status quo again but in a way that’s less successful than season two’s closer.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: A Victim of My Own SuccessWith the friendships all broken and Playpen seemingly, where does Mythic Quest go from here?
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Overpromise, UnderdeliverHere it is, season three’s “shit just got serious” moment.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now“Sarian” is this season’s “A Quiet Dark Death” and “Backstory” equivalent.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: The High Holy Day of CapitalismA Christmas episode of Mythic Quest maybe has its heart in the wrong place.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Failing UpPoppy Li is rightfully taking her place as the true series protagonist, but that leaves Ian feeling a little lost.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: We Dream It, They Build ItSeason three is pairing up some unexpected characters (and also Joe Manganiello) to great success.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: The Year of BrittlesbeeWho doesn’t love the brunch?
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    The 6 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendElizabeth Debicki’s Princess Diana is here.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: The MakersIan may have done something unusually humble last season when he suggested that he and Poppy make Hera together, but he’s still really annoying.
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    Mythic Quest Season-Premiere Recap: A True OriginalThe old MQ team reunites to gaze at the stars — and one in particular.
  13. renewals
    Anthony Hopkins Doesn’t Care That Mythic Quest Is Renewed for Seasons 3 and 4We, on the other hand, are thrilled for “Mr. Quest” or whatever.
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    Mythic Quest Season-Finale Recap: The Kid’s All Grown UpWhat becomes of the Mythic Quest family from here? TBD.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Not As Bad As It LooksIn one of the most moving sequences of this entire series, Poppy grasps the extent of Ian’s insecurity.
  16. encounter
    Welcome to Charlotte Nicdao’s IslandHow a brief Animal Crossing obsession provided the Mythic Quest star a deeper understanding of Poppy Li.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Always a FanThe season finally delivers an F. Murray Abraham showcase, and alongside a fellow Oscar winner to boot.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: The Seeds That BlossomThis season’s tragic flashback episode finally gives C.W. his precious backstory.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Two Alpha Lions in the Same PrideAs bottle episodes go, this one could use a bit more fizz.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: The Devil You KnowA seemingly Brad-centric episode is also a story of three MQ women united in their desire for something more out of their careers.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Calm Before the DivorceIan and Poppy’s carefully calibrated ceasefire is approaching its inevitable end.
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    Mythic Quest Returns, Imperfect But Easy to LoveSeason two of the Apple TV+ comedy sets a high creative bar for itself, and even when it doesn’t quite clear it, it’s fun just to watch the attempt.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Maybe It’s the EstrogenPoppy and public speaking just don’t go together — or perhaps they do.
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    Mythic Quest Season-Premiere Recap: It Came to Me in a DreamIt’s a new dawn at Mythic Quest, yet both Poppy and David are being forced by their subconsciouses to recognize the sway Ian has over them.
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    Mythic Quest: Everlight Recap: Believe in the LightA characteristically chaotic office celebration for a fictional holiday finds Mythic Quest, and us, reveling in a post-pandemic return to normalcy.
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    Yikes, a Whole Bunch of Shows Shut Down Due to COVID This WeekThere’s a lot of drama surrounding Mythic Quest.
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    How Mythic Quest Wrote, Filmed, and Edited Its Quarantine Episode in 3 Weeks“We didn’t want to do 30 minutes of Zoom jokes.”
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    Mythic Quest to Mine Your Zoom Meetings for Comedy in Special Quarantine EpisodePremiering on Apple on Friday, May 22.