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  1. napoleonica
    Yes, Succession Fans, Napoleon’s Severed Penis Is a Collector’s ItemSadly, Connor Roy is right this time.
  2. lost classics
    What Happens When Filmmakers Raid Dead Directors’ Unmade Projects?It’s often fascinating to watch two strong directorial sensibilities clash.
  3. napoleon
    Fukunaga May Direct Kubrick’s Napoleon for HBOSteven Spielberg has been developing the project since 2013.
  4. Directors’ Cuts: 12 Movies That Were Better When They Got LongerHere are 12 examples of films that were later released in superior, significantly longer versions.
  5. rumors
    HBO May Do a Napoleon MiniseriesA Napoleon series written by Stanley Kubrick!
  6. biopicked
    Rupert Sanders to Take On NapoleonHe can probably reuse a lot of horses and stuff.
  7. steve and stan
    Steven Spielberg Developing Napoleon Biopic Written by Stanley KubrickIt’ll be a miniseries.