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  1. best of 2020
    The 10 Best Theater Moments of 2020Our favorite live, streamed, Zoomed, and Sims’d plays from Joshua William Gelb, Natalie Palamides, Eboni Booth, and more.
  2. good one podcast
    Just Watch Nate, You ClownsNatalie Palamides joins this week’s Good One to discuss her provocative new Netflix special.
  3. comedy review
    Nate Is the Most Astonishing Special of 2020It’s endlessly rich, uncomfortable, and also there’s an enormous rubber dick.
  4. sneak peeks
    Natalie Palamides’s Nate Will Cry on Netflix in DecemberThe comedy special debuts the week after Thanksgiving.
  5. fall preview
    Allow Natalie Palamides to Dominate YouWith her genre- and gender-bending comedy special, Nate.