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National Society Of Film Critics

  1. award season
    Parasite and Greta Gerwig Are the Darlings of National Society of Film CriticsJust in time for Oscar nominations.
  2. awards season
    Moonlight Wins Top Prize at Critics AwardsWhat does this mean for the Oscars?
  3. kudos
    Social Network Lands On BAFTA’s Potential-Nominees List, Scores National Society of Film Critics AwardSaves children.
  4. kudos
    Complicated Balloting Screws Bridges, Streep at NSFC AwardsThey lost to Yolande Moreau and Jeremy Renner after the vote moved to a second ballot and things turned complicated.
  5. kudos
    National Society of Film Critics Proves That Every Critic Alive Loves The Hurt LockerBest Picture! Best Director! Best Actor! Best everything!
  6. kudos
    Could EVE Win Best Actress?One member of the National Society of Film Critics sure thinks so!
  7. kudos
    National Society of Film Critics Honor ‘There Will Be Blood’; Oscar Chances DoomedComparing the NSFC’s list of past winners to the Academy’s makes a pretty decent counter-history of great film.