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  1. national treasure
    Madonna May Own a French Painting Thought to Have Been Destroyed in WWIAnd now, Amiens is asking the “Material Girl” to lend the tableau back.
  2. archaeology
    Did Dolly Parton Just Write the Plot for National Treasure 3?There’s a great American secret buried under the rolling hills and funnel-cake stands of Dollywood.
  3. tv review
    National Treasure Examines the Mystery and Murkiness in a Celebrity Rape CaseThe four-part series asks: Is this famous man guilty of rape?
  4. Here’s a Clip from the ‘Parks and Recreation’ Premiere Andy! Andy! I don’t think it’s just gum. At first, it looked like only gum but then, when they cut back to you, the gum was in the shape of a […]
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    See the Pyramid Nicolas Cage Bought for His CorpseWhat a guy.
  6. treasure this
    The Third National Treasure Movie Is Definitely Not UnderwaterIt won’t be set in Atlantis, but don’t worry, something else ludicrous will be involved.
  7. art
    Crazed Art Historians Formulate Hilarious Plot to Exhume Leonardo da Vinci’s CorpseNo, this isn’t a pitch for a new Dan Brown novel.
  8. the industry
    Jeffrey Tambor is Getting AnxiousPlus: Ben Kingsley! Astronauts! Hippies!
  9. the industry
    Ben Kingsley to Steal ‘Shutter Island’ From Underneath Leonardo DiCaprioPlus industry news on Ridley Scott’s Gucci movie, Kevin James’ crappy movie, and Nicolas Cage’s two crappy movies!