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National Treasures

  1. national treasures
    How Does the Phrase ‘Academy Award Winner Jack Black’ Sound to You?Bowser sings the blues.
  2. national treasures
    Selma Blair Reveals She’s Been Suffering From MS for 15 Years“I have probably had this incurable disease for 15 years at least.”
  3. national treasures
    Alan Alda, America’s Grandpa, Cheerfully Reveals His Parkinson’s DiagnosisWhile juggling!
  4. national treasures
    Frankly, How Dare Mamma Mia! Reject Tom Hanks for a Role“My singing voice would have scared the children.”
  5. monikers
    Whatever You Do, for the Love of God, Don’t Call Judi Dench a National TreasureThe dame wants what the dame wants.
  6. national treasures
    Justin Bartha Promises That His Butt Will Make an Appearance on The Good FightHe advises tempering your expectations.
  7. national treasures
    The Muppets Take the SmithsonianMiss Piggy and the gang are joining Kermit in the museum.
  8. national treasures
    David Milch’s Milch-iest Lines From GQThere’s still a Deadwood-shaped hole in our heart.