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  1. q&a
    How The Descent Ended Up With Two Famously Bleak EndingsWriter-director Neil Marshall breaks down his horror film’s alternate conclusions — and which one he thinks is the worse fate.
  2. timelines
    Untangling Charlotte Kirk’s Role in the Fall of a Hollywood ExecutiveAnd the explosive extortion accusations that followed.
  3. first looks
    David Harbour Is Super Swoll and Super Red in First Image of HellboyThis demon spawn is showing his more serious side.
  4. reboots forever
    Hellboy Reboot Starring Stranger Things’ David Harbour Is Reportedly on the WayNeither director Guillermo del Toro nor actor Ron Perlman will return for the new film.
  5. tv
    Neil Marshall on Unique Game of Thrones Deaths“When you do as much violence in your films as I do, it’s always a task to come up with something new.”
  6. postmortem
    Game of Thrones Director Neil Marshall Breaks Down the Battle at the WallThe giants were real; the mammoths were not.
  7. sexposition
    This Is Why Game of Thrones Has So Much NudityOne producer claims to represent “the pervert side of the audience.”
  8. neil marshall
    Neil Marshall to Make a Horror Film About Very Extreme EatingWhat could be on the menu?
  9. movies
    Red Band Centurion Trailer: Detective McNulty in 117 A.D.Neil Marshall’s head-choppy new film.
  10. the industry
    Moses to Get Great AbsPlus: Stephen King’s kid, and a ‘30 Rock’ special guest.
  11. the industry
    Clean-cut Teen Sensations Sign On for Most Boring Reality Show EverThe Jonas Brothers are coming to the Disney Channel, Sandra Brown finally sells The Witness to Hollywood, and Catherine Zeta-Jones gets to kiss someone young for a change.