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Neko Case

  1. superlatives
    The Hardest and Most Harmonious of New Pornographers, According to Carl and Neko“Back in the day, as a live band, we kind of half-assed it.”
  2. twin peaks
    Prepare to Get Weird With Twin Peaks at South by SouthwestNeko Case, M. Ward, and Tame Impala will be performing “Twin Peaks–inspired” music.
  3. the urbanist
    9 Artists Who’ve Become Their Cities’ Unofficial MayorsFamous townies — like Wayne Coyne, George R.R. Martin, and Erykah Badu — who’ve become local mascots.
  4. hot topics
    Neko Case on Rock’s Glamour Myth, Bernie Sanders, and Her New Boxed SetIs Neko Case never not keeping it exceedingly real?
  5. q&a
    Neko Case Talks About Moby Dick, Depression, and Her New Tattoo“It’s not cool to say, but there’s some funny shit about feeling that sorry for yourself.”
  6. right-click
    Neko Case Has a New Song and HorseCheck out “Man.”
  7. clickables
    Watch Neko Case Sing ‘Favorite’ in Bed With Her DogAnd the dog starts playing the guitar.
  8. music
    See Neko Case Threaten to ‘Pummel’ the Audience’s ‘F*cking Face’ at a Concert in BostonMs. Case responded very negatively to someone throwing a CD.
  9. last night’s gig
    Neko Case, a Wild and Crazy GalLast night it almost seemed like Case was angling for a shock-jock gig.
  10. quote machine
    The City’s Olivia Palermo Wants You to Know She’s Not Cold and Ruthless in Real LifePlus: Little Steven’s shocking confession!
  11. quote machine
    Sadly, the Visionary Director of 300 Too Chicken to Tackle the Unfilmable Archie SagaPlus: Rosie O’Donnell threatens to join Twitter.