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  1. the vulture transcript
    The Vulture Transcript: An In-Depth Chat With Crooner Nellie McKay“I’m more like Taylor Swift.”
  2. right-click
    Mike Skinner Not As Lazy As We ThoughtPlus: New music from Nellie McKay and RZA!
  3. last night’s gig
    Aimee Mann’s Christmas Show Corrals Hanukkah Fairy, Other StarsThe show also included visits from Ben Lee, a self-proclaimed Australian Jew who sang a song that asked “What Would Jay-Z Do?”
  4. right-click
    Nellie McKay Fights the War on ChristmasPlus: Trent!
  5. right-click
    R. Kelly Proves Greatness Yet AgainPlus: New songs by Daft Punk and Kylie Minogue!
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    Condon Comes Alive!Plus: Nellie McKay and Kid Rock!
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    Pete Doherty Makes Britney Spears Look BadFoo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, and more!
  8. last night’s gig
    Nellie McKay Calls Columbia University’s President a ‘Big Dumb Doofus’If McKay’s performance had a theme, it was her disgust with Columbia University, both for its research on lab animals and its aggressive plans for massive expansion in West Harlem.
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    Nellie McKay Gets ReanimatedElliott Smith, Fabolous, and more!