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  1. movie review
    A Sad-Eyed Josh O’Connor Goes Tomb-Raiding in the Lovely, Mysterious La ChimeraAlice Rohrwacher’s playful, rambling new film follows a man who robs graves to find his way into the next world.
  2. off the leash
    96th Annual Academy Awards - Show
    Embattled Oscars Darling Messi the Dog Bravely Attends OscarsStudio haters won’t get him down.
  3. oscars 2024
    ‘I’m Not Going to Sell a $60 Candle’Neon changed the Oscars game with Parasite. Four years later, A24’s rival is still betting on international film.
  4. hopeful provocation
    ‘This Is a Movie That Nobody Would Finance’The director of How to Blow Up a Pipeline couldn’t “book a single pitch meeting” to get it made. So his crew took matters into its own hands.
  5. movie review
    How to Blow Up a Pipeline Picks a FightThe film, inspired by Andreas Malm’s book, has its heart on its sleeve and its agenda in its punching fists.
  6. sundance 2023
    Sundance’s Year of Existential Crisis Yielded Back-to-Back MegadealsInsiders call this year’s Sundance a return to form, with several all-night bidding wars and multiple eight-figure deals.
  7. sundance 2023
    Sundance’s Identity Crisis Might Be a Good Thing for HollywoodInsiders call it a crucial year for the festival. But with streamers’ tightening budgets and a looming writers strike, no one’s sure how it’ll go.
  8. shoot your shot
    Netflix Cashes In on Reggaeton With Shea Serrano’s NeonA comedy series following an aspiring musician in Miami.
  9. objection!
    The Aretha Franklin Documentary Producer Is Suing Neon‘Amazing Grace’ took 40+ years to come out, only to be buried, per the lawsuit.
  10. glowing for it
    Neon, the Indie Distributor of Parasite, Is Considering a SaleLook what you started, A24.
  11. who has my pig?
    Nicolas Cage Is Afraid to Watch His Next MovieHe’s more comfortable with his truffle-foraging Pig character than with the surrealist version of himself he plays in an upcoming film.
  12. movie review
    See Pig and Tremble Before Your Own MortalityLet Nicolas Cage illuminate the way.
  13. trailer mix
    Pig Trailer: Drop the Truffle Fries and Help Nic Cage Find His Friend“Who has my pig?”
  14. in the dome
    The Strange-But-True Story Behind Spaceship EarthBiosphere 2, a 1990s experiment in quarantine, was regarded as a spectacular failure. Has its reputation been misunderstood?
  15. coming soon
    Here’s a First Look at the Uncomfortably Relevant Doc Spaceship EarthIt tells the story of eight people tasked with quarantining inside of an experimental biosphere. How quaint!
  16. trailer mix
    ‘Major Movie Star’ Trailer: Jessica Simpson and Steve Guttenberg Together at LastIs this what it’s come to, Steve?