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  1. Big Bang Theory Cast Discuss Their Nerd LevelsThey think “pon farr” is Klingon, for god’s sake. Klingon!
  2. sitcom smackdown
    The Evolution of the TV Nerd, From Potsie to Urkel to AbedSee how the archetype went from high-water pants and taped glasses to the No. 1 sitcom on TV.
  3. Read a Geeks-Versus-Nerds InfographicBut what would Zack Morris say?
  4. star trek
    See President Obama Flash the Vulcan Salute in the Oval Office With Star Trek’s Original Lieutenant Uhura, Nichelle NicholsDo we smell the beginning of a third party?
  5. season 2 is coming
    Is Game of Thrones for Nerds?And only nerds?
  6. What Do You Think of Bill Burr’s Rant Against the Alternative Comedy Scene? Whoa. Bill Burr took a controversial stance on alternative comedy on his Monday Morning Podcast, blaming The Office for the rise of “awkward” […]
  7. nerds
    Sarah Michelle Gellar Urges Actresses to Visit the Comic-Con Floor in Disguise“It’s pretty amazing.”
  8. clickables
    Watch Katrina Bowden Get Highly Emotional About Halo, Manga, Other Nerd ThingsMeet the Weepy Geeky Dream Girl.
  9. Amy Poehler to Deliver Class Day Speech at Harvard Harvard’s Class Day speech, which is a different speech than commencement as those Harvard overachievers think they deserve two different […]
  10. clickables
    Hear ‘She Don’t Like Firefly,’ a Breakup Song for NerdsIt’s important to discuss your Joss Whedon preferences at the beginning of a relationship.
  11. Surprisingly Agile Nerds Always Defeat Their BulliesWhen you’ve seen as many movies as I have — and I’d strongly caution against doing so — you’ll start to notice the patterns. […]
  12. Using Math and Nerdery to Look a Bit Too Closely at Comedy CommunitiesAre you ready to overthink comedy? Erik Voss used mathematical equations and Venn diagrams to examine the types of people who do comedy and how […]
  13. movies
    Superheroes BracketsSuperman versus Wolverine?
  14. delays
    Angry Nerds Revolt After Pee-wee Herman Delays New Stage Show“It feels like being stood up by someone who was one of your very favorite people, to find out they blew you off to hang out with people that are fancier and prettier and richer or something.”
  15. nerds
    ‘Manga’ Fans to Decide Upcoming Japanese ElectionWhen will our politicians court the nerd vote?