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  1. case dismissed
    Judge Says Nevermind to Nirvana Baby’s Album Cover LawsuitSpencer Elden’s lawsuit claimed the image is child pornography.
  2. the law
    The Nirvana Baby’s Nevermind Porn Lawsuit Lives OnHere we are now, litigate us.
  3. joker
    Alec Baldwin Won’t Be the Joker Movie’s Trump-Like Character After AllNever mind!
  4. the classics
    Nirvana Nevermind Baby Re-creates Famous CoverSmells like ’90s nostalgia.
  5. close reads
    A History of True Detective’s New Theme Song, ‘Nevermind’A laconic, husky-throated dirge that hangs over the opening credits like a heavy fog.
  6. nevermind
    Gucci Mane Changed His Name for Exactly 32 MinutesR.I.P. Guwop.
  7. clickables
    Hear Three New Nevermind-Era Nirvana TracksWell, new to you!
  8. prudes
    Nevermind Cover Is Too Racy for FacebookThe photo violated the Terms of Use.
  9. art
    The Naked Nirvana Baby Is a Grown-up Artist Working for Shepard FaireyHe’s cute, too.