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  1. music is wow
    Bad Bleep Addison Rae Releases Her Lost AlbumThe leaked tracks — including the Charli XCX feature “2 die 4” — are officially out.
  2. mathematician
    Ed Sheeran Completes His PEMDAS Era With New Album- (prounounced Subtract) comes out May 5.
  3. b7
    Countdown to Beyoncé’s The Renaissance: Act I (Non-Leaked Version)The Beyoncé rapture is upon us.
  4. donde esta donda
    Kanye West Announces Yet Another Donda Listening EventOne day ahead of Donda’s new release date, August 6.
  5. my album is dropping
    Lana Del Rey Announces New Album, Rock Candy SweetDue June 1!
  6. my album is dropping
    The Strokes’ Presciently Titled Album The New Abnormal Has ArrivedIt’s their first studio album in seven years.
  7. vulture lists
    10 Mitski Songs to Listen to If You Liked Her New Album, Be the CowboyFYI: One of them is a One Direction cover.