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  1. fall preview 2021
    10 Must-See Art Shows to Catch This FallJerry Saltz on his most anticipated New York museum shows — from Jasper Johns at the Whitney to the Bronx Museum’s Biennial.
  2. art review
    Heartbreak and Resurrection in ‘Grief and Grievance’ at the New MuseumA brutal, essential show that pulls from the canon of Black contemporary art.
  3. sweet dreams
    Hear Iggy Pop Reading a Love Letter to His Dead Dog TrombaFrom the New Museum’s daily “Bedtime Stories” series, curated by Maurizio Cattelan.
  4. art
    Nari Ward’s Salvaged WorldsThe artist reflects on the objects and memories that made him.
  5. monumental trouble
    Does the ‘Gay Liberation’ Monument Whitewash Stonewall?An exhibition at the New Museum proposes replacements.
  6. art
    This Exhibit Wants to Challenge Everything You Think You Know About GenderMeet the artists showing in the New Museum’s “Trigger: Gender As a Tool and a Weapon.”
  7. gallery
    Raymond Pettibon’s Punk ProphesyThe perfect punk artist for the Trump era has a show at the New Museum. Here’s a sampler.
  8. art
    The Tyranny of Art History in Contemporary ArtIts terms are so specialized and vague they’re only useful to those in the know.
  9. Albert Oehlen Is Like a Badger of PaintingI love his work, but I am not even sure that I actually like it.
  10. ‘Digital’s Bitches’: The New Museum TriennialThese curators understand, finally, that there’s no such thing as “digital art.”
  11. new museum
    What’s Actually Incubating at the New Museum’s Tech Incubator?Talking to Julia Kaganskiy, the director of New INC.
  12. art review
    Chris Ofili’s Thumping Art-History LessonIt is astonishing to consider just how distant the New York of the Sensation era feels now — and that scrappier art world.
  13. art review
    Saltz: Chris Burden’s Big Art of Big Ideas Lives Large at the New MuseumFew artists have brought play, presence, magnitude, hostility, and pleasure into such close proximity.
  14. art
    Jerry Saltz: As Massimiliano Gioni Takes Over, New Hope for the Biennale“It’s not beyond Gioni to do a bad show, but I’m hopeful that he won’t for several reasons.”
  15. ask an art critic
    Ask An Art CriticJerry Saltz answers your questions about bad art, good biographies, and the Smithsonian controversy.
  16. ask an art critic
    Jerry Saltz Answers Your Questions About Museum Design and Self-PromotionMuseums that work, museums that don’t.
  17. advice
    Saltz: Advice for the New MuseumAlso: an answer to Richard Flood’s broadside against the Internet and Jerry Saltz’s Facebook page.
  18. kudos
    Japanese Architect Duo Take Home the Pritzker PrizeAnd a $100,000 prize.
  19. Controversial New Museum Opening DazzlesAll is forgiven — apparently.
  20. art
    Saltz on Defending the New MuseumAt a certain point, the hatred seems unrelated to the offense.
  21. art
    Saltz: Money, Insularity, and a Huge Controversy for the New MuseumI sorely want to defend the New Museum. Unfortunately, the institution may have outsmarted itself.
  22. artsy
    Urs Fischer Skips Own New Museum Opening; Interactive Sculpture DisappointsThe work, a motion-activated replica of a human tongue called ‘Noisette,’ is intended to result in a “mischievous slapstick routine.”
  23. right on
    Aw, Yeah: New Museum Saves ‘Hell, Yes!’Exclusive: Originally loaned for a two-year exhibition, the piece was recently purchased for the museum by trustees.
  24. in the magazine
    The New Museum’s ‘Jesus’ and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New York’Grey Gardens’! Mike Tyson! James Toback! ‘State of Play’! Amber Tamblyn! And more!
  25. news reel
    Saltz on the New Museum’s ‘Younger Than Jesus’ ShowA video tour of the show with the ‘New York’ art critic.
  26. politics
    Elizabeth Peyton’s ‘Michelle Obama’ Added to RetrospectiveOne more reason to feel good today.
  27. art candy
    Artist Tomma Abts Pop-ifies the Bat SignalTomma Abts’s mini-canvasses could break your brain with all the rays and zigs and zags.
  28. art candy
    Artist Kim Jones Doodles on SelfArt sort of becomes artist here, but we can’t help being reminded of that freaky YouTube video that’s been circulating lately of the unfortunate Indonesian man turning into a tree.
  29. liner notes
    Slideshow: The Homeless ‘Get Lost’ Show