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New York I Love You

  1. auteurs
    Why Was Scarlett Johansson’s Short Film Cut From New York, I Love You?“It was really bad, so it was cut.”
  2. trailer mix
    ‘New York, I Love You’ Trailer: New York, I Just Met YouIf I, Brett Ratner, can make it there, I’ll make it … an-y-where!
  3. the industry
    Seems Like Everyone Loves New York Except Woody AllenA whole constellation of acting and directing talent turns out for ‘New York, I Love You.’
  4. the industry
    Shekhar Kapur to Direct Anthony Minghella’s New York MovieThe morning’s news from the trades, including Elizabeth Banks as Laura Bush and Tim Rice as the lyricist for Phantom, Part Two.
  5. obit
    Anthony Minghella Dies at 54A filmmaker who always had something to say passes away.