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  1. scene report
    Sphere Is an Unnatural WonderIt’s a giant orb in Sin City. Is it also the future of live entertainment?
  2. scene report
    In Noah Kahan’s Flannel World, You’re the Main CharacterAn evening of teens and tears with the newly crowned prince of Stomp and Holler 2.0.
  3. theater review
    A Vintage Satire That Still Has Sting: Purlie Victorious ReturnsOssie Davis’s plantation farce retains its wit and snap.
  4. in conversation
    Todd Haynes Plays the SuperegoThe director is interested in people constrained by society’s rules. In his new film May December, he makes it harder to root for the rule-breakers.
  5. the industry
    Romeo and Juliet Was a TragedyIn 1968, Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting were the most famous teenagers in the world. Fifty-five years later, they sued Paramount for child abuse.
  6. books
    Dory Fantasmagory Is Some of the Best Children’s Literature in YearsIn the six-book series, author Abby Hanlon embraces the messier parts of childhood and raising children.
  7. album review
    Doja Cat Is Fighting Fires of Her Own CreationOn Scarlet, the rapper, singer, and internet terror channels negative comments into some of the best work of her career.
  8. encounter
    Werner Herzog Turns the Lens on HimselfThe filmmaker famous for bending the truth tries his hand at memoir.
  9. art
    A 19th Century Masterpiece That Scandalizes StillManet’s Olympia, now on view at the Met, remains as disturbing as ever.
  10. theater
    The Merrily Leads Are Old Friends NowIn Jonathan Groff, Lindsay Mendez, and Daniel Radcliffe’s hands, the show might be a Broadway hit at long last.
  11. friends in old places
    Play Something ’90sThe era where “every song felt huge” is alive in country music. It took a long back road to get there.
  12. theater review
    The Mortal Truths of Annie Baker’s Infinite Life“This is part of Baker’s brilliance: to ruffle feathers with the calmest of breezes.”
  13. tiff 2023
    We’re Going to Be Talking About This Book-World Satire All FallCord Jefferson’s directorial debut, American Fiction, is a sharp comedy about racial commodification anchored by a terrific Jeffrey Wright.
  14. album review
    Olivia Rodrigo Would Rather Go Through ItOn Guts, the pop star sidesteps her winning formula.
  15. screen time
    The Decomposition of Rotten TomatoesThe most overrated metric in entertainment is erratic, reductive, and easily hacked — and yet has Hollywood in its grip.
  16. book review
    How Zadie Smith Lost Her TeethSince her audacious debut, she has been moving toward character-driven realism. In the process, she’s become the least interesting version of herself.
  17. venice 2023
    We Are Asking the Wrong Question About Bradley Cooper’s Maestro NoseThe more fun question is: Are noses to Bradley Cooper what feet are to Quentin Tarantino?
  18. tv review
    One Piece Is the Joyful Exception That Proves the RuleNetflix adapts Eiichiro Oda’s epic, silly, radical anime in live action and manages the impossible: It works.
  19. fall preview 2023
    Sampha’s Circle of LifeHis first album tackled loss and made him a star. On his follow-up, Lahai, he writes from a happier place: fatherhood.
  20. theater review
    A Tempest in the Park That’s (Mostly) No Thoughts, Just VibesIn tone and temperament, this production owes much more to Disney than it does to Shakespeare.
  21. fall preview 2023
    All Eyes on Lily GladstoneThe actress is the unflinching face of an American tragedy in Martin Scorsese’s historical epic, Killers of the Flower Moon.
  22. fall preview 2023
    In Mona Awad’s Novels, Beauty Comes With a Side of Body HorrorHer latest novel, Rouge, shows how the quest for perfection can send you over the edge.
  23. fall preview 2023
    Fall TV Can’t Stop Looking BackwardThis season, streaming embraces a model that makes it safer to tell stories about the past.
  24. casting call
    The Search for the Next Will and KateThe Crown’s casting director on how the show found the right pair to bring an interior life to these tabloided young royals.
  25. fall preview 2023
    Leslie Odom Jr. Returns, in a Red-Hot American SatireThe actor is back on Broadway for Purlie Victorious, a show more skeptical than the one that made him famous.
  26. theater
    The Final SondheimThe complete, from-beginning-to-end story of how Stephen Sondheim, David Ives, and Joe Mantello created the musical Here We Are.
  27. movie review
    The Flash in a PanThe latest DC movie is the cinematic equivalent of a snake eating its own tail. This isn’t a film so much as brand management in flailing motion.
  28. fall preview 2023
    Finally, the Lesbian Incel Comedy America Has Been Waiting ForHow NYU friends Ayo Edebiri, Rachel Sennott, and Emma Seligman made Bottoms — and won over Hollywood along the way.
  29. fall preview 2023
    25 New Classical Music Performances to Hear This FallIncluding a fresh Metropolitan Opera slate, a night of Phillip Glass, and more.
  30. fall preview 2023
    10 Art Shows We Can’t Wait to See This FallA wealth of dazzling shows will renew your faith in art’s capacity to do more than mint money.
  31. fall preview 2023
    36 Albums We Can’t Wait to Hear This FallThe heart goes padam for Olivia Rodrigo, Usher, Kylie Minogue, and more.
  32. fall preview 2023
    6 Podcasts We Can’t Wait to Listen to This FallA Beatle trades in his guitar for a podcast mic.
  33. fall preview 2023
    24 Books We Can’t Wait to Read This FallThere’s even a book by Babs.
  34. fall preview 2023
    29 Plays and Musicals We Can’t Wait to See This FallOur two new drama critics share and compare their enthusiasms.
  35. fall preview 2023
    18 Movies We Can’t Wait to See This FallPrepare thyself for vampire fascists, demonic crime lords, and a trip to the chocolate factory.
  36. fall preview 2023
    37 TV Shows We Can’t Wait to See This FallThe final stretch of 2023 is looking just as captivating as the months preceding it.
  37. reality tv
    Whoever Starves Least, WinsBehind the making of Alone, the most genuinely perilous show on television.
  38. behind the scenes
    Behind the Scenes on Riverdale, in PicturesAs the teen series shot its final episodes, we sent the stars disposable cameras and told them to go nuts. This is the result.
  39. docuseries
    The Call Is Coming From Inside the CubicleThe creators of the new HBO docuseries Telemarketers started filming their own office — where they’d later learn they were part of a nationwide grift.
  40. movie review
    Passages’ Bad Boyfriend Only Leaves You Wanting MoreDespite its love triangle, Passages isn’t about polyamory—it’s about a man who elides his awfulness under the guise of urban sophistication.
  41. theater review
    You Made a Musical … Out of a DeLorean?Back to the Future: The Musical is a carefully faithful spectacle.
  42. album review
    Travis Scott Is Raging Into OblivionOn Utopia, the rapper is too scared to mess with the blueprint.
  43. celebrity
    The Fans Who Won’t Leave Britney AloneAfter the pop star was released from her conservatorship, some of her fandom latched on to a new theory: What if she had never been freed at all?
  44. going viral
    Flyana Boss’s ‘Master Plan to Be a Star’The rap besties are running laps around TikTok and the music industry with ‘You Wish.’
  45. movie review
    Communing With the Dead Just to Feel AliveThe new A24 horror movie Talk to Me is an impressively slick piece of work, from two button-pushers who came up on the internet.
  46. close read
    What Is Greta Gerwig Trying to Tell Us?From Barnard to Barbie, the director has always been interested in female ambition, including her own.
  47. anonymous in hollywood
    How Much We Make in HollywoodAs the strike stretches on, 19 writers, actors, and crew members shared their hopes, fears, frustrations — and salaries.
  48. theater review
    Here Lies Love Is an Unsettlingly Good TimeA show that portrays Imelda Marcos as blithe naïf and corrupt co-tyrant—and also enabler of a rousing dance party.
  49. in conversation
    ‘I Can Do Things to You With My Voice’Fifty-one years of acting. Hundreds of roles. One Samuel L. Jackson.
  50. profile
    Kit Connor Wasn’t ReadyThe star of Netflix’s teen rom-com Heartstopper was forced to come out by the show’s fans. He’s not letting them get to him anymore.
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