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    The Today Show Got Totally Derailed by Lena Dunham Saying the Word ‘Penis’“That’s the difference between generations. I wasn’t brought up talking like that.”
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    Watch Thirteen Minutes of the Best News Bloopers of 2012’Twas the year of Sweet Brown!
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    Watch the Year in Local News BloopersAnd the winner is: that lady from Portland!
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    Dazed and Confused Passerby Keeps Austin Weird in Local News GaffeEverything’s weirder in Texas.
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    Watch a Cat Sabotage a Local News ReportInvoluntary Cat Lady win!
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    Watch an Anchorwoman’s Freudian SlipThird time’s a charm.
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    Watch a Small Child Ruin CNN’s Kardashian Wedding ReportIn this case, ‘ruin’ also means “make totally great.”
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    Watch an Ominous Scottish Weather ReportNot exactly beach weather.
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    Watch an Australian News Anchor Try to Tell the Dalai Lama a Joke“He didn’t know what pizza was.”
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    Watch an Old Russian Man’s Impromptu Local News Talent ShowAnimal noises: the universal language.
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    Meet New Haven’s Most Honest Local News ReporterIf anything, she is too honest.
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    Watch a Camel Attack a Local-News Reporter’s HairWell said, .
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    Watch a Local-News Reporter Lose Her Battle Against the WindCome back, hat.
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    Hear a Local TV Chef’s Unusual Suggestion for Biscotti PairingOops.
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    Read the Least Important Breaking News of the Day, YearWhoops.
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    Enjoy an Australian News Anchor’s Uncomfortable On-Air ‘Little Urn’ JokeSmall but impressive.