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  1. sequin sequence
    Pedro Pascal and Nic Cage’s Pillow Scene Was Not Scripted“That’s weird.”
  2. grrrrrrrr
    Nicholas Cage’s Joe Exotic TV Series Has Found a Home at Amazon StudiosTake that, Carole Baskin.
  3. We Quizzed Nicolas Cage on His Old Movie Lines and Honestly He Was Great“I like the romantic dialogue.”
  4. movies
    Johnny Depp Passed on Face/Off Because It Was Not a Movie About HockeyThankfully, this gave us the masterpiece we have today.
  5. chat room
    Paul Scheer on His Breakout Parody and Nicolas Cage’s Surprising SmellOn a new episode of Good One, Paul Scheer talks about “The Illusionators,” the Criss Angel parody he co-created with Aziz Ansari.
  6. movie reviews
    Paul Schrader’s Dog Eat Dog Is Garish, Exuberant PulpThese lovable little men who sees themselves as tender and romantic are psychopaths who’d kill you out of irritation.
  7. Remembering ‘Amos and Andrew,’ the Forgotten Racially Charged Comedy That […] Olive Films has carved out an odd niche for itself releasing special-features-free DVDs and Blu-Rays of movies that seem mildly interesting […]
  8. movie review
    Edelstein: The Nicolas Cage You Used to Like Is Back in JoeYou’ll be surprised by how affecting he can be when he stops being a “role stylist.”
  9. match made in heaven
    Next Up for The Canyons Director Paul Schrader: Nicolas CagePerfect.
  10. meme king
    Nicolas Cage Understands Why People Joke About Him“The internet has developed this thing about me — and I’m not even a computer guy, you know?”
  11. false alarms
    Sly Stallone Says Nic Cage Not in Expendables 3Cancel those ticket preorders, y’all.
  12. casting couch
    Nicolas Cage to Join The ExpendablesWhich is just as good as Clint Eastwood, right?
  13. Nic Cage’s New Film: The Baby Detective and the Amnesia Ghost What would happen if Nicolas Cage wrote, directed, and starred in a movie? Also, what if he had a legitimately upsetting amount of body hair? […]
  14. Nicholas Cage’s Agent Has a Very Difficult Job Wait a minute, didn’t Michael Keaton already make Lantern Jack?