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  1. trailer mix
    Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Arrives After Three Rounds of ReshootsDive in.
  2. we’re not lion
    Zoe Saldaña’s Got Some Mess to Clean Up in Special Ops: LionessTaylor Sheridan’s upcoming CIA drama co-starring Nicole Kidman and Morgan Freeman.
  3. coming soon
    Nicole Kidman and Eve Hewson Make The Perfect CoupleThe two will go head to head in the Netflix limited series based on Elin Hilderbrand’s novel.
  4. coming soon
    Rachel Sennott and Nicole Kidman Head to Holland, MichiganThe film about a cheating husband will also star Gael García Bernal and Matthew Macfadyen.
  5. coming soon
    Nicole Kidman and Maya Erskine Find The Perfect NannyThey’re producing and starring in an HBO limited-series adaptation of the French novel together.
  6. pick-a-little donate-a-lot
    Nicole Kidman Comes to This Place (The Music Man) for Magic (to Donate $100K)Only she could earn a standing ovation as an audience member.
  7. it’s so true
    Nicole Kidman Will Take Her Sparkly Suit to the AFI Life Achievement AwardsThey will be reborn together with the Life Achievement Award.
  8. it’s saur true
    Nicole Kidman Reprises Her Most Impactful Role: The AMC CommercialHeartbreak to keep feeling good in a sequel.
  9. fashion week
    Watch Dua Lipa, Nicole Kidman, Kim K, and More Walk the Balenciaga RunwayDemna’s done it again!
  10. it’s so true
    We Can Now Come to AMC Theatres for Just $5 on TuesdaysNicole Kidman’s pre-roll ad is worth that alone.
  11. tv’s nicole kidman
    Nicole Kidman to Make Heartbreak Feel Good in a Place Like Your HomeBaz Luhrmann is reworking his 2008 movie, Australia, into a miniseries.
  12. hair flair
    Which Alexander Skarsgård Hairdo from The Northman Is Right for You?Charting Amleth’s character arc through the vengeful prince’s pageboy, bowl cut, and ‘90s boy-band bob.
  13. close reads
    Let’s Unpack That Diabolical Incest Scene in The NorthmanA prince creates an unalterable image of his mother and takes it with him into her bedchamber — where she destroys it.
  14. movie review
    In Praise of The Northman’s Ruthless UnrelatabilityThe Alexander Skarsgård Viking saga makes no effort to bend its characters toward modern sensibilities, and you know what? It’s great.
  15. wig!
    Nicole Kidman Wigs, RankedBest Supporting Wig Oscar category when?
  16. waterworld 2
    New Yorkers Guess The Northman’s Plot Based on Untitled Subway Posters“Vikings who are going through a really tough time.”
  17. chastainiacs
    This Is Not a Picture of Nicole Kidman Reacting to the SlapSo what was she gasping over? The answer may surprise you.
  18. super bowl lvi
    Halle Berry Welcomes Us to the Super Bowl (in Nicole Kidman’s Suit)Identical suits feel good in a place like this.
  19. movies
    Nicole Kidman Addresses Her AMC Theatres Commercial: ‘It’s So True’She believes that somehow heartbreak does feel good in a place like this.
  20. she makes oscars better
    Let Her HostWhy Nicole Kidman is the only choice to helm the Oscars in 2022.
  21. movie review
    Being the Ricardos Isn’t a Biopic, It’s a Filmed Wikipedia PageIt’s not just that Sorkin is a better scripter than director — it’s that he’s kind of a lousy director.
  22. rubber ranked
    The Good, the Bad, and the Latex of Hollywood ProstheticsAn assessment of fall’s most prestigious fake cheeks, fat suits, and eyebrows, from House of Gucci to The Eyes of Tammy Faye.
  23. wig!
    Nicole Kidman Has Some ’Splainin’ to Do in Being the Ricardos TrailerWhy are you gagging so? You know she brings it to you every Lucille Ball.
  24. tv review
    Nine Perfect Strangers Is Alluring But EmptyThe promise of a strong cast and an intriguing premise isn’t enough to compensate for this limited series’s lack of identity.
  25. moulin rouge!
    Ranking the Top Ten Moulin Rouge! Songs, 20 Years LaterThe Oscar-winning Baz Luhrmann spectacle holds up — for the most part. To investigate, Vulture dives back into its over-the-top musical numbers.
  26. first look
    Nicole Kidman’s Lucille Ball Wig Breaks Its SilenceWhat is this color?
  27. trailer mix
    Nicole Kidman Serves Cult-Leader Realness in Nine Perfect Strangers TrailerSome sort of icy, vaguely Eastern European Goop witch.
  28. casting call
    Pencil In Nicole Kidman and Cynthia Erivo’s Emmy Noms for Apple TV’s RoarFrom Glow creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, reuniting with Alison Brie.
  29. the gold rush
    Nicole Kidman’s 15 Career Golden Globe Nominations, RankedThe Hollywood Foreign Press Association may have snubbed Eyes Wide Shut and Paddington, but at least they gave these performances their due.
  30. biopics
    Nicole Kidman Replaces Cate Blanchett As the Australian Playing Lucille BallMore like Vitameatavegemite! Get it?
  31. tv’s nicole kidman
    Let Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Zazz Up Your Holidays With an Original SongA very PDA Christmas tune.
  32. friday night movie club
    It’s Christmas, So Let’s Watch Eyes Wide Shut for the 101st TimeAfter a miserable year, the holiday season is upon us again and we’re calibrating our seasonal movie selections accordingly.
  33. adaptations
    The Undoing Took All the Wrong Cues From Big Little LiesTaken together, the two David E. Kelley series demonstrate the limitations — and diminishing returns — of copying one’s own success.
  34. zazz?
    Nicole Kidman Seen Recklessly Giving It Some Zazz in The PromShe’s dreamed a little dream of a Fosse number.
  35. hammer time
    We Have Many Questions About That The Undoing FinaleMost of them are about dishwashing hammers.
  36. close reads
    The Undoing’s Fall From GraceThe whole show was a red herring, and we, like its inscrutable protagonist, got duped.
  37. dee dee allen
    Happy Thanksgiving, Now Here’s Another Trailer for The Prom“Okay, I admit that got to me.”
  38. hunter’s line reading
    This One Line From Birth Plays on a Loop in My HeadIf I had it my way, we would wake up and talk about Birth and fall asleep still talking about Birth.
  39. australia
    Nicole Kidman Loves Television So Much She’s Making Another ShowThings I Know to Be True is based on a stage play of the same name.
  40. the undoing
    Nicole Kidman Does in Fact Sing Over The Undoing CreditsWith a little help from Keith Urban.
  41. tv review
    The Frigid Allure of The UndoingWelcome to your next HBO obsession.
  42. role call
    Stockard Channing Answers Every Question We Have About Practical MagicThe actress on nailing her spooky look, getting drunk on tequila with her co-stars, and filming the movie’s climactic séance scene.
  43. missed connections
    The Remarkably Similar Career Trajectories of Nicole Kidman and Hugh GrantCan you believe these two never worked together until this fall’s The Undoing?
  44. tv
    How The Undoing Became Fall’s Biggest Inadvertent Time CapsuleThe HBO drama series, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, may be New York City’s last big television production of the pre-COVID days.
  45. other timelines
    Nicole Kidman, Oscar Winner, Says She ‘Wasn’t Talented Enough’ for Notting HillExcuse me.
  46. cough…. cough
    Imagine Nicole Kidman Casually Doing Her Moulin Rouge! Death in Front of You“Just, like, in between takes. She did the whole bit — with the cough.”
  47. wig
    HBO Dream Team Nicole Kidman, David E. Kelley, Wigs Return With The UndoingThat hair is full of secrets.
  48. quarantuning
    Watch These Livestreamed Concerts During Your Social DistancingDJ D-Nice, Miley Cyrus, Ben Gibbard, and a lot of Diplo.
  49. casting
    Perfect Person Manny Jacinto Added to Nine Perfect Strangers SeriesHe joins Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy.
  50. roll clip!
    Stay Until the End of This Trippy Keith Urban Performance for a SurpriseCameo of the month.
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