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  1. please make it stop
    Nancy Grace’s New Website Has Reached Real-Deal Nightcrawler StatusHer website will “be the go-to for crime sleuths and people who want knowledge about crime and crime fighting.”
  2. new on netflix
    What’s New on Netflix: June 2015Nightcrawler, Beyond the Lights, and the new season of Orange Is the New Black.
  3. awards season
    BAFTA Noms: Brits Love The Grand Budapest HotelAnd also Paddington!
  4. awards season
    Boyhood, Nightcrawler Nab Producers Guild NomsRecently, the PGA’s big winner went on to win Best Picture.
  5. the vulture transcript
    Rene Russo on Not Having a Sex Scene With Jake“I think everybody’s fantasy is better than what you would show.”
  6. film
    American Film Institute’s Best Films of the Year Goes to 11The Institute honored Selma, Into the Woods, and Boyhood, among others.
  7. movies
    The Story Behind Nightcrawler’s Effed-Up Mexican-Restaurant SceneAccording to Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, and director Dan Gilroy.
  8. weekend box office
    Nightcrawler Edges Out Ouija Over Halloween WeekendBirdman continues to soar.
  9. movie review
    The Only Surprise in Nightcrawler Is Its GrotesquenessHe’s veh-ry skerrrr-y, kiddies — ahwoooooooo!
  10. chat room
    Jake Gyllenhaal Wrecked Himself for Nightcrawler, and Here’s Why“I am a certain animal, and I think I will always be that animal.”
  11. Toronto: We Need to Get Back Onboard With Jake GyllenhaalHe’s been terrific in a series of films that you’re not seeing.
  12. Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Intense in the Nightcrawler TrailerDirected by Dan Gilroy.
  13. trailer mix
    Jake Gyllenhaal Seeks Job in Nightcrawler TeaserIt looks intense.
  14. party chat
    Jake Gyllenhaal Punched a Mirror, Got StitchesAll for art.
  15. casting couch
    Jake Gyllenhaal to Investigate L.A.’s Criminal UnderbellyIn Nightcrawler, a thriller from Bourne writer Dan Gilroy.