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Nip Tuck

  1. unlocking the murphyverse
    Nip/Tuck Is Still the Ultimate Ryan Murphy ShowIn the decade since it ended, the plastic surgery drama has receded into the background of the Murphyverse, but it’s the key to all his future work.
  2. fantasy casting
    What Ryan Murphy’s OITNB Would Look LikeSomeone get Lea Michele a prison jumpsuit.
  3. vulture lists
    A Complete List of All 196 Surgeries Performed on Nip/TuckCategorized by body part, from head to toe.
  4. themes
    The Tropes of Ryan Murphy: 22 Hallmarks of Every Show He MakesFrom plastic surgery and whiplash character motivation to oddball redheads.
  5. oh em glee
    Glee: Danger Signs of Ryan Murphy Syndrome?Please don’t let it go down the weird, cartoony road of Murphy’s ‘Nip/Tuck.’
  6. vulture lists
    TV Report Card: British Actors Playing AmericanA British invasion has finally arrived. Who’s stumbling on those long ‘a”s and soft ‘t”s?
  7. bold experiments
    Fox Takes Unconventional Approach to Getting Viewers to Buy Into GleeNo matter how much you like the pilot when it airs in a few weeks, you won’t be able to see a second episode for months.
  8. bad taste
    Nip/Tuck Wants to Shock You, Shock You, Shock You With Its Deviant BehaviorThis week’s episode featured the series’s umpteenth moment of gratuitous grossness.