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  1. vulture lists
    A Ranked Guide to John Wick–Inspired MoviesEvaluating the latest generation of stunt-heavy, fist-fighting action movies, including this weekend’s Violent Night.
  2. backstories
    The Hardest Day on the Set of NobodyTo make a fight scene on a city bus as realistic as possible took true strategizing. Director Ilya Naishuller tells us how he made it happen.
  3. movie review
    Nobody Is Just Good Enough Thanks to Bob OdenkirkThe movie may be an unapologetic John Wick knockoff, but the comedian and actor makes for a compelling newcomer to the middle-aged action hero club.
  4. going full keanu
    How Bob Odenkirk Actually Transformed Into a Badass for NobodyThe Better Call Saul star spent nearly two years training with the John Wick team to go full Keanu.
  5. trailer mix
    Bob Odenkirk Is Suburbia’s John Wick in the Nobody TrailerBetter not call him.
  6. where’s the beef?
    The Battle of Mitski and Mac DeMarco’s ‘Nobody’ Songs Is Something to BeholdMac’s new album is called Here Comes the Cowboy; Mitski’s was Be the Cowboy. Their singles are called “Nobody.” HMMMM.