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Nocturnal Animals

  1. movies
    Jake Gyllenhaal Hears the Truth About His Nocturnal Animals CharacterPoor guy.
  2. movies
    Aaron Taylor-Johnson Is Happy to Watch the Oscars From Home“An Academy Award is still something to work toward,” he says. “It would’ve felt a tad greedy to get a nom from them this time around.”
  3. baftas 2017
    2017 BAFTA Noms: Turns Out, the Brits Have Fallen for La La Land, TooNocturnal Animals and Arrival were also a hit.
  4. Tom Ford Personally Shaved Aaron Taylor-JohnsonYou know, typical director stuff.
  5. golden globes 2017
    Aaron Taylor-Johnson Earned His Globes NodAs Ray Marcus in Nocturnal Animals, Aaron Taylor-Johnson might’ve been a surprise nominee — but he deserves it.
  6. secret scripts
    Can Tom Ford Just Make the Naughty Script He Keeps Teasing?“I’m not sure that I could make it — which kind of makes me want to.”
  7. nocturnal animals
    Golden Globes Voters Asked to Return Gift of Tom Ford FragranceIt worked!
  8. your box office explained
    Everyone Was Excited for La La Land at the Box Office This WeekendIt’s topped Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea in at least one respect.
  9. the everywhere man
    Michael Shannon on a Year, and a Career, As a Director’s Secret WeaponIf the Academy Awards gave out a statue for Most Supporting Actor, he’d be the favorite.
  10. movies in theaters
    Which Movie Should You See With Your Family This Thanksgiving?Including Allied, Moonlight, and Doctor Strange.
  11. the sense of an ending
    Nocturnal Animals Has Two Endings, and Both of Them Are KillerTom Ford hits you with the left (Jake Gyllenhaal), and then he hits you with the right (Amy Adams).
  12. 2016 election
    Michael Shannon Tells Trump Supporters It’s Their Time to Die Now“If you’re voting for Trump, it’s time for the urn.”
  13. boys do cry
    This Is the Season of Sad Men at the MoviesWith Manchester by the SeaNocturnal Animals, Moonlight, and Fences, it’s an emotional time.
  14. chat room
    Tom Ford on Directing Nocturnal Animals“I’m too cynical to really be an artist.”
  15. post-election mourning
    Incredibly Intense Actor Michael Shannon Is So, So Angry at Trump Voters“It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened. It’s the worst.”
  16. trailer mix
    Watch Amy Adams in the Nocturnal Animals TrailerWith Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.
  17. movies
    Tom Ford Would Never Ask Jake Gyllenhaal to Shave His Chest“I happen to like body hair. I think people should leave it alone.”
  18. toronto 2016
    Tom Ford Explains the Controversial Opening Credits of Nocturnal AnimalsWhy does his new Amy Adams thriller begin with nude, obese women dancing in slow motion?
  19. Amy Adams on Celebrity and Playing Janis JoplinThe actress is on a different planet from the one on which her peers exist — which is maybe also why she’s the perfect person to play ETs’ liaison.