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  1. bros
    Stop Saving the Rom-comAs an empty vessel of a genre, the romantic comedy is not worth resuscitating, though what it once contained probably is.
  2. role call
    Rosie O’Donnell Answers Every Question We Have About Sleepless in SeattleOn forgetting her lines in front of Nora Ephron, attending the premiere with Madonna, and embracing the “funny friend” role.
  3. book excerpt
    Mike Nichols’s HeartburnAfter directing Nora Ephron’s divorce movie, his own breakup — and breakdown — turned out to be around the corner.
  4. friday night movie club
    When Harry Met Sally Won the Friday Night Movie Club ElectionYou’ll have what we’re having.
  5. hunter’s line readings
    This One Line From When Harry Met Sally Plays on a Loop in My HeadNo, not that one.
  6. role call
    Andie MacDowell Answers Every Question We Have About Michael It’s perhaps the most profoundly ’90s film: A Nora Ephron romantic comedy starring John Travolta as an overalls-wearing, tobacco-addicted angel.
  7. movies
    Meg Ryan Is Writing Her Own Romantic Comedy“I’m aware now that romantic comedies are confections, but they have construction.”
  8. Michelle Dean’s Sharp Tells the Origin Stories of 10 Essential Female CriticsAcross these portraits it’s possible to trace currents in American literary history as it unfolded between World War I and now.
  9. Phoebe Robinson’s 10 Favorite BooksRoxane Gay, Zora Neale Hurston, and more
  10. when harry met sally
    Carrie Fisher Was the Best Part of When Harry Met Sally“You’re right, you’re right, I know you’re right.”
  11. goodbyes
    Nora Ephron’s Son Made a Touching Film About HerWhy did a woman so committed to full transparency choose to be so guarded about the greatest battle of her life?
  12. books
    The Unintentional Last Words of 13 Famous Writers Including James Baldwin, Lou Reed, Nora Ephron, and David Foster Wallace.
  13. How a Good Script Becomes a Bad Movie: The Inside Story of ‘Lucky Numbers’Chances are you’ve never heard of Lucky Numbers and if you have, you probably couldn’t get past the one-sheet depicting its stars Lisa Kudrow […]
  14. candy
    Here’s the Julia Child–Only Version of Julie & Julia You Always WantedSomeone edited out Julie.
  15. adaptations
    Brownstein Will Finish Ephron’s Lost in AustenAbout a woman transported to the world of Jane Austen.
  16. vulture originals
    See When Harry Met Sally’s New York Magazine CoverYes, we made one.
  17. biographies
    Richard Cohen to Pen a Nora Ephron BiographyThe Washington Post columnist was the first speaker at Ephron’s funeral.
  18. HBO Is Developing a Nora Ephron Documentary The late great Nora Ephron is the subject of a new documentary for HBO. THR reports that Ephron’s son, journalist Jacob Bernstein, is […]
  19. tributes
    HBO Is Working on a Nora Ephron DocumentaryDirected by her son.
  20. stage dive
    Theater Review: Lucky Guy and Nora Ephron’s Love for Newsrooms“Ephron was damned lucky; few writers write their best work last and manage to go out with a bang.”
  21. slideshow
    Photos: At Lucky Guy Rehearsals With Tom HanksNext month, Hanks makes his debut in Nora Ephron’s final play.
  22. vulture reads
    Sunday Reads: Ephron’s Illness, Buying Star WarsAnother excuse to stay indoors.
  23. things to read
    Jacob Bernstein Remembers His Mom, Nora EphronIt’s worth your time.
  24. vulture debates
    You’ve Got Mail Vs. Sleepless in Seattle: Fight!Which Nora Ephron classic is better? Or are they even any good at all?
  25. on broadway
    Tom Hanks All Set to Make His Broadway DebutIn Nora Ephron’s play Lucky Guy.
  26. vulture reads
    Sunday Reads: Nora Ephron, The Band, Louis C.K. Another excuse to stay indoors.
  27. Lena Dunham Writes About Her Friendship with Nora EphronToday, Lena Dunham wrote for the New Yorker’s website about being both a friend and fan of Nora Ephron’s. She writes:  I devoured her prose, […]
  28. memories
    Mindy Kaling Walked Us Through You’ve Got MailShe says it’s the “most soul-mate-y of soul-mate movies.”
  29. nora ephron
    Visit the Ancient Website for You’ve Got MailR.I.P. Nora Ephron.
  30. R.I.P. Nora EphronThis sucks. Writer/director/rom-com revolutionary Nora Ephron passed away yesterday from pneumonia stemming from acute myeloid leukemia. She […]
  31. casting
    Tom Hanks Circling Nora Ephron Broadway PlayHe is making a run for the EGOT.
  32. sesame street
    Watch Good Day New York’s Greg Kelly Verbally Bulldoze Maria From Sesame StreetThe Soup’s favorite local news anchor, Greg Kelly, doesn’t let Maria from Sesame Street off the hook easily.
  33. good match
    Nora Ephron to Direct Jane Austen-Related MovieAppropriate reaction is “Woo hoo!”
  34. chat room
    Vulture Watches You’ve Got Mail With Mindy Kaling’The Office’ writer and actress dissects her favorite romantic comedy.
  35. reese witherspoon
    Reese Witherspoon in Talks to Portray Peggy LeeBiopic will be written and directed by Nora Ephron.
  36. the girl with the satire
    Scandinavian Names All Sound the Same to Nora EphronOr the ones in ‘The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest’ do.
  37. jackman
    Jackman: Back to Broadway?He was recently in town for a top secret reading of a new Norah Ephron play.
  38. when joe met mika
    Morning Joe: Nora Ephron–Approved Romantic ComedyOn MSNBC every morning.
  39. kudos
    Ephron Not Happy About Julie & Julia’s Globes LossShe is caught tearing up her now-moot acceptance speech on camera.
  40. chat room
    Glee’s Jane Lynch on Love, Loss, and What I Wore and Her Final Episode of Party Down“It’s what the devil on my shoulder says all day long to me … I don’t have to dig very deep for Sue Sylvester.”
  41. quote machine
    Jon Hamm Texts Like a SailorPlus: Brad Pitt narrowly escapes marijuana.
  42. quote machine
    Gary Busey, Serial Entourage TicklerPlus: Tom Waits declares his love for Denny’s.
  43. the industry
    Keira Knightley and Colin Farrell to Possibly Kill Each Other on FilmPlus: Some serious witch action.
  44. the industry
    Joss Whedon Returns to TV — and Brings Faith With HimPlus industry news on Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, Meryl Streep and Julia Child, and Mulder and Scully.