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Norbert Leo Butz

  1. chat room
    Norbert Leo Butz Loves Watching Fosse/Verdon’s Dancers Impress Movie Stars“Seeing those uncelebrated, unacknowledged men and women who do Fosse choreography … For these actors to go, ‘I’m not worthy,’ it was really amazing.”
  2. casting
    FX’s Fosse Series Adds Aya Cash, Norbert Leo Butz, Paul Reiser, More Jazz HandsThey join Michelle Williams and Sam Rockwell.
  3. musical theater
    Please Enjoy Miscast Takes on Dear Evan Hansen and DreamgirlsThis year’s Miscast videos are here.
  4. casting couch
    Norbert Leo Butz Joins Kyle Chandler DramaFor Netflix.
  5. stage dive
    Theater Review: Broadway’s Big FishA great star, singing deadly music and lyrics.
  6. profile
    Norbert Leo Butz on Big FishHow the Broadway actor found a better way to say goodbye.
  7. stage dive
    Theater Review: Dead Accounts“What Rebeck has learned from her time in Hollywood, it seems to me, is that audiences are stupid.”
  8. Theater Reviews: The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupRinde Eckert, Paula Vogel, and (a fictionalized) Jayson Blair.
  9. stage dive
    Theater Review: Catch It If You CanArtificial, and proud of it.
  10. yay
    William H. Macy to the RescueJust be sure to keep him away from thermometers!
  11. injury report
    ‘Fifty Words’ Opening Postponed Owing to Stars’ Kicked AssesElizabeth Marvel and Norbert Leo Butz need a week ‘to heal properly.’
  12. the industry
    Ricky Gervais Announces His ‘Retirement’Plus industry news on Kanye West, Peter Bjorn and John, and Mark Twain.