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Norman Mailer

  1. literary life
    How I Became Good at Literary Parties“The best way to befriend famous people is to have no idea who they are. ”
  2. name-dropping
    Bob Dylan Once Crashed Norman Mailer’s Xmas Bash“Dylan glared at the guy and said, ‘That’s Lillian fucking Hellman, asshole. Get back on the bus or go back to the hotel.’”
  3. Zadie Smith’s Swing Time: What Is Fame For?Smith has responded to it by becoming a shape-shifter, a chameleon of the varieties of seriousness.
  4. from the archives
    How New York Magazine Covered the O.J. Simpson VerdictHiring Norman Mailer on a very short deadline.
  5. in development
    HBO and Tina Brown Are Making a Norman Mailer FilmAbout his relationship with prisoner Jack Abbott.
  6. agenda
    Norman Mailer’s Timely Take on ‘68 Conventions ReissuedThese essay have lost none of their urgency.
  7. kudos
    We Can Think of Three Things Wrong With Last Night’s ‘In Memoriam’ TributeIn case we missed something — which we did not — there were at least three notable omissions in last night’s In Memoriam tribute montage: Norman Mailer, Brad Renfro, and Roy Scheider.
  8. obit
    Norman Mailer Dies at 84Norman Mailer died Saturday morning at Mount Sinai hospital of acute renal failure following several weeks of respiratory problems.
  9. beef
    Today in Old-Lion Feuds That Crack Us Up: Norman Mailer vs. Jean-Luc Godard“I will say, and this is for the record, Jean-Luc Godard may well be the third most awful man I’ve met in my life.”