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  1. bye bye bye
    Lance Bass Thinks We Should Leave Justin Alone“We need to practice a little forgiveness. Britney did, so let’s take a note from her.”
  2. taking bets
    Which Member of ’N Sync Will Do Best on Hot Ones?They might be hurt, babe. That ain’t no lie.
  3. backstage beef
    Uh, What Happened With Megan Thee Stallion and ’N Sync?“Oh man, they think I’m back here tussling with Justin Timberlake,” Meg worried.
  4. my single is dropping
    ’N Sync’s First New Song in Over 20 Years Is for Trolls Band Together“Better Place” drops September 29.
  5. how to
    11 Rules for Writing an Original Christmas Song in 2022According to the people behind hits for Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, *NSYNC, and more.
  6. dirty pop
    Rachel Bloom Is Writing a Dirty Pop Film About *NSYNC SuperfansWith the help of Lance Bass.
  7. dirty pop
    Guess Who Wasn’t at Lance Bass’s *NSYNC-o de Mayo Birthday Bash?Was JT even invited?
  8. superlatives
    The Best, Worst, and Most Questionable of *NSYNC, According to Lance and Chris“Once I discovered frosted tips I never went back!”
  9. coachella 2019
    Ariana Grande Reunited NSYNC (Minus JT) at Coachella for ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’“I’ve been rehearsing my whole motherfucking life for this moment!”
  10. Mandy Moore on the Innate Sadness of This Is UsPlus, her memories of touring with ’N Sync in the ’90s.
  11. never have i ever
    Excuse Me, Which Spice Girl Did Justin Timberlake Hook Up With?Never Have I Ever strikes again!
  12. hollywood walk of fame
    ‘N Sync Warms Your Little Tween Heart With Their Hollywood Walk of Fame SpeechesThere is some part of you that will always want, no, need to see these guys hug.
  13. in development
    A Movie Based on the Life of Boy-Band Svengali Lou Pearlman Is in the WorksNot to be confused with the limited Lou Pearlman TV series also in development.
  14. Justin Timberlake Reacts to Lou Pearlman’s DeathMany express mixed emotions about Pearlman’s role in their lives.
  15. Lou Pearlman, ’90s Boy-Band Manager, Dead at 62He created Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, O-Town, and LFO.
  16. reunions
    God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on This N’Sync Reunion InstagramOlder, wiser, space cowboy-ier.
  17. bye bye bye zombies
    Dead 7 Trailer Features ’N Sync, Backstreet BoysAnd O-Town too?!
  18. chat room
    Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz on ’N Sync Nostalgia, Rockism, and His Super Bowl Pick“To me, I look at artists like Skrillex, and that guy is rock and roll.”
  19. the toy store strikes back
    Fall Out Boy Made a Sequel to an ’N Sync VideoThe sequel you never knew you needed.
  20. ’N Sync Boys Bow to Adele’s ’N Sync–Besting 25“Adele is the truth.”
  21. record breakers
    Adele Just Broke ’N Sync’s Single-Week Sales Record in 3 DaysShe now has the biggest-selling first week in history.
  22. the industry
    Lance Bass Says a ‘Pedophile’ Touched Him While He Was in ’N SyncOn The Meredith Vieira Show, Bass discussed being sexual harassed while in ‘N Sync.
  23. rude is still the worst song in america
    11 Questionable Moments in Band PunctuationFrom AC/DC to MAGIC!. (Exclamation point theirs.)
  24. surprises
    Nobody Told Lance Bass About the New ’N Sync AlbumBut hey, there’s a new ‘N Sync album!
  25. somewhere in time
    Dave Holmes Flashes Back to the Glorious March 1999 Singles ChartThe heady days when “Believe” was number one, Britney wasn’t that innocent, and boy bands were all the rage.
  26. fame in 1998
    The Music Industry in 1998: The Titanic Right Before It Hit the IcebergThe debut of Napster in 1999 wasn’t the only impending fatal blow to a business fat off of teen pop.
  27. fame in 1998
    Dave Holmes on TRL, Jesse Camp, and 1998’s Other Big MTV MomentsThe former VJ expounds on Britney, Kid Rock, and more.
  28. reunions
    ‘N Sync Did Reunite at the 2013 MTV VMAs, And It Was Too ShortIt happened.
  29. reunions
    It Looks Like ‘N Sync Might Perform at the MTV VMAs After AllThey made a Twitter account.
  30. non-reunions
    Lance Bass Addressed Those ’N Sync Reunion RumorsHe vaguely implies that it’s not happening.
  31. reunions
    ’N Sync Will Reunite at the MTV VMAs [UPDATE]Yes, even Chris Kirkpatrick (the one with the hair) was invited.
  32. beef
    Justin Timberlake Banned Half of ‘N Sync From His WeddingPoor Lance Bass.
  33. justin bieber
    Watch a Very Good ’N Sync–Justin Bieber Mash-UpWho’s your boyfriend?