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    Comedian and Novelist D.C. Pierson on Being Part of the NY-to-L.A. Comedy Exodus“I felt incredibly unsure of myself almost all the time.”
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    One Comedian Remembers the Many Rooms He Played in New York and Los AngelesFrom Carolines to the UCB.
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    What to Expect from Jim Carrey’s 70s L.A. Comedy TV Series on Showtime From I’m Dying Up Here’s creator Dave Flebotte.
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    All the Ways 20 Comedians Make Money in NYC and L.A.From podcasts to web series to branded content.
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    150+ Classic Jokes About New York and Los AngelesFrom Woody Allen to Louis C.K. to Joan Rivers to Kumail Nanjiani.
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    The History of Comedians Moving Between NYC and L.A. From Lucille Ball to Johnny Carson to Jenny Slate.
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    Liz Meriwether: Why Hating L.A. Is Good for My ComedyIt’s an old comedy idea: The character is forced to live in a place where she doesn’t belong.
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    How Uber Improved the L.A. Comedy SceneMore drinking, less parking.
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    Is It Better to Perform Stand-up in NYC or L.A.?Comedians on each coast discussing the crowds they encounter.
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    Which Los Angeles Comedy Show Is Right for You?A guide to L.A. comedy based on the entertainment you already enjoy.
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    Which New York City Comedy Show Is Right for You? Let Your TV Tastes Be a GuideA guide to New York comedy based on the TV shows you enjoy.
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    The Only Living Comedian in New York: Chris Gethard on Avoiding Los AngelesIt was a very public fact that I was devolving in New York while a steady stream of friends were killing it on the West Coast.