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  1. o’ canada
    Drake Is Kicking Off the Biden Era by Delaying His Album Certified Lover BoyDid Rihanna put him up to this?
  2. views from the 6ix
    Jessie Reyez Sings ‘O (My God, Get Down From There) Canada’ on Top of CN TowerFor game one of the NBA Playoffs.
  3. o canada!
    A Family Feud Contestant Has Never Been So Wrong and Yet So RightEve Dubois, we salute you.
  4. brownface
    Justin Trudeau Wore Brownface to an ‘Arabian Nights’–Themed Gala in 2001“He attended with friends and colleagues dressed as a character from Aladdin.”
  5. hell hath frozen over
    Tessa and Scott Will Ice Dance No MoirMy heart will not go on.
  6. o canada!
    Excuse Me, Drake, Why Haven’t You Called Bianca Andreescu Yet?The U.S. Open winner is waiting on some congrats.
  7. sketch comedy
    5 Head-Crushing Highlights From the New Kids in the Hall BiographyPaul Myers’s new book is full of comedy-nerd gold.
  8. Why Jay Baruchel’s Goon Franchise Feels So Uniquely CanadianUnlike the vast majority of American sports cinema, they aren’t focused on the essential catharsis of triumph.
  9. misinformed trolls
    Angry Trump Supporters Raged at Wrong HamiltonThe world was wide enough for Hamilton, a Broadway musical, and for a Hamilton Theater in Canada.
  10. 2016 election
    John Oliver Has a Plan for Trump’s Inauguration“I’m going to turn to the person on my left and to my right and say, ‘Gentlemen, it has been an honor playing with you.’”
  11. o’ canada
    MTV’s 2016 European Music Awards Honored Europe’s Favorite Singing CanadiansDrake, Justin Bieber, the Weeknd, and Shawn Mendes all took home top honors.
  12. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Considers Moving to Canada“Canada is like America’s safety school.”
  13. o’ canada
    Tragically Hip Frontman Gives Farewell ConcertThe concert was televised across Canada. 
  14. very special guests
    Calista Flockhart Will Continue to Save Supergirl, But As a Guest StarFilming in Vancouver is Flockhart’s Kryptonite.
  15. o’ canada
    Guns N’ Roses Detained for Gun PossessionAxl Rose: “So, we weren’t exactly arrested.”
  16. o’ canada
    Randy Quaid and Wife Now Trying the Patience of Canadian GovernmentBecause they are, sadly, still completely bonkers.