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  1. first person
    I Am Obsessed With a Tragic Hidden Backstory in Animal CrossingSable is the only character in the entire game that gives you access to an actual story.
  2. obsessions
    ‘Bit of a Geek’ Liam Payne Bought the Flying Car From Harry Potter[Laughs Britishly; purchases Hogwarts.]
  3. obsessions
    Here’s David Chase’s Lengthy Analysis of the Final Sopranos SceneLots of detail, but still no definitive answer about the end.
  4. obsessions
    ‘Arrested Development’ Creator Tries to Soothe Our Broken HeartsThe ‘AD’ movie may be a no-go, but Mitchell Hurwitz’s “high-octane dramedy” project has gotten the green light at Fox.
  5. obsessions
    Apatow Crew Goes LiveSeth Rogen, Adam Sandler, and Jonah Hill performed stand-up sets as part of the preparation for their roles in ‘Funny People.’
  6. obsessions
    NBC Immortalizes ‘30 Rock’ UCB PerformanceThe show’s season-two DVD contains footage from its live performance at UCB during the writer’s strike. Ah, memories!