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Oh No He Didn’t

  1. oh no he didn’t
    So, Jay Z Really Did Have a Tupac Diss Record That Was ScathingLike, crowd-goes-wild, no-rebuttal-possible scathing.
  2. oh no he didn’t
    Ridiculous Six Drama Rages on With Cell-Phone Video, Vanilla Ice“It’s not Dances With Wolves.”
  3. oh no he didn’t
    Nintendo: Netflix’s Live-Action Zelda Series Might Not Happen After AllThe original report was incorrect, according to Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata.
  4. oh no he didn’t
    Beck’s Dad Did Some Early Work With BeyoncéOn B’Day, her sophomore solo album.
  5. oh no he didn’t
    Bob Barker Dumps Bedpan on Adam Sandler in Autism Fund-raiser ShortIn the vein of their famous Happy Gilmore tussle.
  6. oh no he didn’t
    Alec Baldwin Briefly Rapped With Chance the RapperHow could you not?
  7. oh no he didn’t
    Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Will Finish the Aliens Story LineIt’ll be a sequel to the second movie in the saga, bypassing Aliens 3 and Resurrection.
  8. oh no he didn’t
    Idina Menzel Gets Her Revenge on John Travolta at the OscarsVery uncomfortable chin-grabbing.
  9. oh no he didn’t
    Did Charlie Sheen Return to Two and a Half Men?Sort of?
  10. oh no he didn’t
    Report: Diddy Doesn’t Want His Son on EmpireBecause actors have to sign over their intellectual property.
  11. oh no he didn’t
    Rick Rubin Is Annotating His Work on GeniusHe’s opining on other people’s work too.
  12. oh no he didn’t
    Has Chris Meloni Got an SVU Plot for Conan O’BrienOr maybe it’s more ‘Oz.’