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  1. right-click
    OK Go’s New ‘Obsession’ Video Will Give You Deep Printer EnvyIt’s been a year since OK Go came out with their last elaborate music video. Good thing the traditional first anniversary gift … is paper.
  2. OK Go’s Latest Video Is a 4-Second Explosion Everything in their new music video happens in the span of four seconds. 
  3. the videodome
    Watch OK Go’s Crazy New ‘The One Moment’ VideoSo many colors.
  4. videology
    Watch OK Go’s New Zero Gravity Music VideoOh man! These guys.
  5. videology
    OK Go’s New Video Is Basically a Very Cool Ad for HondaAnd Japan.
  6. this thing looks like that thing
    Did Apple Rip Off an OK Go Music Video?The band’s manager says the tech giant’s latest promo borrows heavily from their video for “The Writing’s on the Wall.”
  7. videology
    OK Go’s Awesome New Video Will Make You Go, ‘How!?’It’s a series of incredible optical illusions shot in one take.
  8. ok go
    Watch OK Go’s New Video, ‘White Knuckles’Got your 3-D glasses? Okay, go!
  9. ok go
    Watch Ok Go’s Awesomely Dorky Music Video for ‘Needing/Getting’Don’t try this at home.
  10. ok go
    Watch an Adorable Video Ok Go Made for Sesame StreetYo Gabba whatnow?
  11. clickables
    Listen to Muppet Cover Songs From OK Go, Weezer, and My Morning JacketAnd a ton of other bands.
  12. videology
    OK GO Team Up With Pilobolus for Their Latest Ambitious Music VideoSee “All Is Not Lost.”
  13. the muppets
    Weezer, Andrew Bird, My Morning Jacket Record Muppets Tribute AlbumPresenting ‘The Green Album.’
  14. clickables
    Listen to OK Go’s ‘The Greatest Song I Ever Heard’For Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Greatest Movie Ever Sold.’
  15. clickables
    Watch OK Go Lead a Color Parade Around L.A. for Their New VideoFor eight and a half miles — yikes.
  16. clickables
    Watch Animated Toast Tell a Story in OK Go’s New VideoThe song is “Last Leaf,” off ‘Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.’
  17. ok go
    How OK Go Went to the Dogs in Their New VideoDog whispering on an unprecedented scale.
  18. music
    Watch OK Go’s Grueling Staring Contest With a MuppetWith cameos from Zach Galifianakis and Ira Glass.
  19. music
    OK Go Debut Cool New Time-Lapse Music Video, ‘End Love’The best part is the geese.
  20. in the magazine
    OK Go Spoil Next Video, Explain Their Business ModelIn this week’s issue of ‘New York,’ Chris Willman chats with a newly label-less OK Go.
  21. right-click
    LCD Soundsystem: Like a Drunker OK GoThe video for “Drunk Girls” is somewhat reminiscent of “This Too Shall Pass.”
  22. chat room
    OK Go’s Damian Kulash Talks About Leaving EMI“It’s not like they’re inherently evil. It’s a system that got too big for its britches and fell over.”
  23. ok go
    OK Go and EMI SplitWe guess the band’s still upset about that whole no-YouTube-embedding thing.
  24. feats
    The Making of That OK Go VideoFirst, get 60 staffers from NASA or jet-propulsion labs …
  25. going viral
    OK Go Unleashes Another Magical Music VideoVictory for the little guy! (Sort of.)