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  1. Scandal Has Always Been About Olivia and Mellie Finding Each OtherWhen you’ve got two powerful women competing over a guy, you start to wonder, “Hey, what if they just dumped him and took over the world together?”
  2. I Ate and Drank Like Olivia Pope for a Week, and I Didn’t DieBut it was still a very bad idea.
  3. last night on late night
    Kimmel Wants to Know If Olivia Pope Is PregnantWill Olivia Pope be pregnant, or will Olivia Pope spend another season hiding behind things?
  4. backstories
    Why Olivia Pope Is Suddenly Wearing Bold Colors on ScandalWhere’s the white hat? 
  5. trailer mix
    Scandal Mid-Season Trailer: Olivia and Jake Are Kissing!Welcome back!
  6. popebars
    The ‘Pope Bars’ Meme Will Add Some Bass to Your PrayersBlessing fingers turn to trigger fingers.
  7. vulture lists
    The Most Recycled Story Lines on ScandalBreaking up, making up (all over the White House), and we can’t forget Rowan and Maya’s many, many renditions of These White Men Ain’t Shit and You Ain’t Shit for Loving These White Men.
  8. party chat
    Kerry Washington Loves Popcorn As Much As OliviaNot so much with the wine.
  9. vulture originals
    Which of These Scandal-Themed Candles Would You Buy?From Vermont Jam to Zanzibar Getaway.
  10. shut it down
    The 50 Craziest Moments on Scandal So FarGet ready for season four with some of this epic WTF-ness.
  11. party chat
    The Scandal Cast Isn’t Really Rooting for Olivia and Fitz Either“Is this bad to say? I think I’m Team Jake.”
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    Let Scandal’s Olivia Pope Tell You What to Do“Shut. This. Down!”