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On The Rocks

  1. comedy review
    On the Rocks Hopes You’re Cool With Ignoring All the Bad StuffBrian Regan wants to give his audience escapism, but 2020 is a tough year to escape from.
  2. movie review
    On the Rocks Is a Light Comedy About Some Heavy FeelingsRashida Jones and Bill Murray are a daughter and dad who turn up some repressed familial pain in Sofia Coppola’s new film, streaming on Apple TV+.
  3. fall movies fantasy league
    The Only Thing That Can Stop Tenet Is Old GuysDon’t look now, but it appears we may have our first serious challengers to Tenet’s fantasy league hegemony — vehicles for grizzled male stars!
  4. last night on late night
    Bill Murray Shows Off His Rusty KnivesJimmy Kimmel Live? More like Jimmy Kimmel Knives.
  5. trailer mix
    On the Rocks Trailer: Bill Murray, Rashida Jones Have a Daddy-Daughter AdventureSofia Coppola’s mini Lost in Translation reunion is out this October.
  6. feuds
    The Inside Story of the Local Florist Feuding With the New Sofia Coppola MovieThe woman behind Soho’s “Movie shoots kill small business” sign tells her story.