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  1. Nation’s Gullible Continue Being Alarmed by Onion Headlines “Why r ppl not RT this surely they cannot be that stupid!” writes Michael Robinson on Twitter, in response to this video about the CIA using […]
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    Jennifer Aniston Adopts 33-Year-Old Boyfriend From Africa: The Onion ReportsNgasi is “legally bound to love.” Yay, Jen!
  3. movies
    ‘Drew Barrymore’s New Tell-All Coloring Book Hits Shelves’: The Onion ReportsLearn Drew’s secrets while also making a pretty picture.
  4. comedy
    The Onion News Network Is Coming to IFCIt’s not Comedy Central. It’s IFC.
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    The Onion Explores Hot New Relationship Guide Wake Up! He’s a Shape-shifter“Every guy you date a dud? They may all be the same shapeshifter.”
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    Filming of Congressional Reality Show Disrupts Committee Hearing’The Onion’ reports.
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    The Onion Asks: What If Lars von Trier Directed Denmark’s Tourism Ads?Let’s all get on a plane!
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    Lady Gaga Meets Gossip GirlPlus: Justin Timberlake! Bradley Cooper! The new ‘Daily Show’!
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    ‘The Onion Movie’ Trailer: Finally, a ‘Kentucky Fried Movie’ for Our GenerationThe Onion News Network has finally made its first-ever feature-length movie, and it’s headed straight to DVD, presumably because bongs aren’t allowed in movie theaters.
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    ‘Our Dumb World’ redefines the guilty pleasure.If you’ve been wondering what can possibly take the place of that weeks-old Onion in your bathroom, look no further than this book.
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    At ‘The Onion,’ a Momentous CrossoverJim Anchower and Smoove B meet at last.