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    Looks Like Artists Have Finally Had Enough of Those AI CoversNicki Minaj and Billie Eilish are among the 200-plus signees of an open letter denouncing the “predatory use of AI” in music.
  2. open letters
    Gabrielle Union, Judd Apatow, and More Accuse the Times of ‘Anti-Trans’ CoverageHannah Gadsby, Margaret Cho, and Jameela Jamil are among over 100 leaders and organizations who signed GLAAD’s open letter.
  3. choices
    Neil Young Says Spotify Can Have His Music or Joe Rogan’s Vaccine MisinformationAfter his music was removed, he wrote that leaving Spotify’s “shitty” sound quality behind was an added bonus.
  4. open letters
    Naomi Osaka Says Press Conferences Need “A Refresh” to Protect Athletes“I believe that we can make it better, more interesting, and more enjoyable for each side.”
  5. open letters
    Let’s Harvest All of Neil Young’s Newest Insults to President TrumpHe won’t sue Trump. For now.
  6. improv
    Groundlings Community Calls Out ‘Whitest Improv Institution’ in Open Letter“If you honestly believe that black life matters, prove it by taking the steps to make them matter on your stages.”
  7. a heart of rage
    Neil Young Declares His Biggest Fan, Donald Trump, a ‘Disgrace to My Country’He’s an American now.
  8. woody allen
    Mira Sorvino Writes ‘I Believe You’ in Open Letter to Dylan Farrow“I will never work with [Woody Allen] again.”
  9. open letters
    Amber Tamblyn’s Stories About Objectification in Hollywood Are Unsettling“I have been afraid of speaking out or asking things of men in positions of power for years.”
  10. Beyoncé, Julia Roberts, Madonna, More Sign International Women’s Day Open Letter“Recent legislation and rhetoric have put decades of progress for girls and women at risk.”
  11. tributes
    Dan Aykroyd Pens Lovely Tribute to Carrie Fisher“She was also in love with Paul Simon. She married him but I hope she kept my ring.”
  12. open letters
    T.I. Urges the Oppressed to Mount a Stronger Resistance in New Open Letter“Everything cannot be blamed on THE SYSTEM.”
  13. dame streep
    Robert De Niro Supports Meryl Streep With Letter“I share your sentiments about punks and bullies.”
  14. open letters
    Read T.I.’s Open Letter to President Barack ObamaIt’s the first in a series of planned open letters to Obama, PEOTUS Trump, and America as a whole.
  15. The Bodyguard: Punjab Resigns as Head of Warbucks Security Detail, by […] Dear Daddy Warbucks, Please excuse the tear-stained condition of this letter. Contrary to my stoic exterior, I, Punjab, am an emotional […]
  16. sexism
    Björk Tells Sexist Media to Eat Its Bechdel-Test Heart Out in Open Letter“If we don’t cut our chest open and bleed about the men and children in our lives we are [seen as] cheating our audience.”
  17. open letters
    Amy Schumer Responds to Her Barbie Fat-Shamers“Is it fat shaming if you know you’re not fat and have zero shame in your game?”
  18. open letters
    Hailee Steinfeld, Please Stay a Movie StarSteinfeld is capable of great, specific work, but tends to get stuck in the haze of pop culture.
  19. open letters
    Fifth Harmony Member Lauren Jauregui Has Words for Trump VotersLauren Jauregui is mad as hell, and she’s not going to take it anymore.
  20. open letters
    Sister of Nate Parker Accuser Pens Open Letter“Since she is no longer here to speak for herself, I feel a duty to speak on her behalf.”
  21. Nate Parker’s Former Classmates Dispute Harassment ClaimsThe Birth of a Nation star was accused of rape while a student at Penn State.
  22. Dear State of California: Please Approve My Application for Paid Family […] Dear State of California, This is a personal statement to accompany my application for Paid Family Leave. Please understand, my husband is […]
  23. gun control
    Music Industry Signs Letter Asking Congress to ‘Stop Gun Violence Now’Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez are among the 200 big-name signees.
  24. A Request For Time Off Work to Be Spiritual Like My Friend, Wesley, by […]Dear Supervising Manager, Buddha once said a really good caption on Wesley’s Instagram. I’m 40 percent positive it was something about the […]
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    Lilly Wachowski Comes Out As Transgender WomanThe message comes via Chicago’s Windy City Times.
  26. #oscarssowhite
    Animal House’s Flounder Not Into Academy’s RulesHe penned an open letter saying the organization’s inclusion problem “is an integrity issue, not a racism issue.”
  27. paris attacks
    Artist Director Pens Open Letter to ISIS“Here in France, what we love is life.” 
  28. open letters
    Nas Penned an Open Instagram Letter to America About Its Racial InequalityIn light of the Charleston massacre, the rapper wrote that the country sells a false dream.
  29. open letters
    Read Lupe Fiasco’s Open Letter to White Supremacy“First of all you are not really that supreme.”
  30. open letters
    New Beef Alert: Jay Z vs. WaterA utility company is mad at Jay Z’s statement about water.
  31. The ‘Icelandic Ultra-Blue’ Controversy Continues: Read H. Jon Benjamin’s […]The ongoing creative dispute between David Cross/H. Jon Benjamin and Adult Swim exec Mike Lazzo just got more intense. After a series of […]
  32. An Open Letter to Marissa of Girl Scout Troop #715, by Geoffrey AsmusMarissa, When we met you told me your favorite My Little Pony was Pinkie Pie, and that you sold cookies to raise money for your “dear sick […]
  33. strange bedfellows
    Charlie Sheen: Brian Williams Is a ‘Patriot’Sheen says the anchor is being smeared by a collection of “hooligans, non coms, cowards and oligarchs.”
  34. I Apologize For Your Negative Hotel Experience, by Jon WolperDear Ms. Winters, Thank you for your letter. Hopefully I can help resolve some of the issues you experienced while staying at our hotel. As […]
  35. Letter to My Husband as He Tries to French Kiss Me, by Devorah BlachorDear Sweetheart, Gosh, it’s been a long day, hasn’t it? I’m beat. If I closed my eyes right now, I’d fall into Stage 4 sleep and stay there […]
  36. A Letter from the Biggest, Meanest-Looking Guy in the Prison Yard, by Erik […]GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS – EAST DIVISION D-39 INMATE No. 57073 Welcome, new inmates! On your first day in this state correctional […]
  37. A Note From the Principal About the Myths of Santa Claus and Democracy, by […]Dear Teachers and Staff, It’s that time of year when students begin asking questions about Santa Claus. Some are believers, some are doubters, […]
  38. The Complete Guide to Everything: Open LettersThis week Tim discusses having to find a new chiropractor who isn’t a racist, and his extensive collection of swords and letter openers. The […]
  39. Tim & Eric Wrote Open Letters to Each Other, Totally Not a Publicity StuntSince it’s open letter season, comedy duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim both recently wrote open letters back and forth to each other. Check […]
  40. Letter to the TSA, by Roger TaylorDear TSA, I must take issue with your rules about the transportation of liquids, posted on your website and at airports around the country. As […]
  41. open letters
    Sinead O’Connor Is ‘Extremely Concerned’ for MileyShe wrote an open letter. Update: Miley responds.
  42. Yes, I Screwed Up With My Genie Wishes and I’m Sorry, by Chris MorganDear People of Earth, Look, I get it. Quite frankly, I’m angry with myself, too. I think the constant egging of my house is a bit much, but I […]
  43. open letters
    Amanda Palmer Has Some Kickstarter Advice for MorrisseyOh, okay.
  44. open letters
    Grimes Wrote a Tumblr Manifesto Against SexismRead it!
  45. Pardon the Construction: Our Plastic Surgery Clinic Is Undergoing a Face […]Attention Patients: Please accept our apologies for the condition of our waiting room and interior offices. Although we pride ourselves on our […]
  46. ‘Football Monday’s Comin’ to Your Town on Monday Night,’ My Attempt at a […]Dear Sirs or Madames at ESPN, With the NFL season over I think it may be time to reconsider your approach to branding Monday Night Football. […]
  47. If the Zhou Dynasty Is to Continue, We Musn’t Fall Into a ‘Hilariously […]A pleading letter from a palace servant, Liu, to King Huan, his ruler and king of the Zhou Dynasty, 700 B.C. My Lord, I know that I am simply […]
  48. My Anxiety Sends a Letter, by Andi SharavskyDear Ms. Sharavsky, It has been brought to my attention that at exactly 11:03 pm, after calling your mother, moisturizing your face, and […]
  49. open letters
    Russell Simmons Will Now Explain OWS to Jay-ZBecause of that Zadie Smith profile.
  50. open letters
    Madonna Will Now Explain All the Controversial Stuff That Happened on Her Tour “My show / is a journey / the journey of a soul from darkness to light.”
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