“Oppenheimer is a movie so sprawling it’s difficult to contend with. It’s rich, uncompromising, and borderline unwieldy, but more than anything, it’s a tragedy of operatic grandeur despite so many of its scenes consisting of men talking in rooms — conference rooms, Senate chambers, university classrooms, and emptied-out restaurants, all the prosaic places where the fate of the earth gets hashed out.” Read the rest of Alison Willmore’s review here.

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  1. best of 2023
    The Best Movies of 2023This year seemed to mark the end of a film era. Has another exploded out of the box already?
  2. oscar futures
    As Awards Season Picks Up, Critics Are Giving Martin Scorsese His FlowersThe New York Film Critics Circle sprang for Killers of the Flower Moon, which won both Best Picture and Best Actress.
  3. awards szn
    Passages’s Franz Rogowski Seduces New York Film Critics CircleWhile Lily Gladstone snags a Best Actress win.
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    The Best Vinyl to Gift in 2023Anniversary box sets, limited-edition printings, and movie soundtracks galore.
  5. ricotta talk about it
    Cillian MurphBrie Coped With SAG Strike By Eating CheeseSupporting his bone structure with some calcium.
  6. oscar futures
    Which Oscar Contenders Got the Biggest Boost From the End of the Strike?With the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike, Oscar campaigning can finally start in earnest. Which actors will do well on the trail?
  7. capitalism
    Yes, Someone Is Actually Making a Movie Called BarbenheimerIt’s about a doll who builds an atomic bomb to destroy humanity.
  8. oscars 2024
    The Actors Are on Strike, But the Awards Shows Go OnHere is our (extremely early) forecast for the biggest Oscar races this (very uncertain) year.
  9. rankings
    We’re in a Silly Song SummerNow featuring “Sitting (Josh Mac Version)” by TJ Mack.
  10. at the box office
    4 Lessons From a Box-Office Summer of Hopeful Highs and Panic-Inducing LowsThis summer taught us a lot about the new normal in audience behavior, even beyond the Barbenheimer of it all.
  11. apologies
    Warner Bros US Apologizes for Barbenheimer MemesAfter their Japan division released a statement calling it “extremely regrettable.”
  12. chat room
    How Cillian Murphy Found His ‘Resting Physicist’s Face’“My job is to convince the audience that Oppenheimer knows what he’s doing. I really spent most of the time working on his psychology.”
  13. oscar futures
    Oppenheimer Could Dominate the Oscars. Barbie Could Win Best Picture.Oppenheimer is primed to be a major awards contender. But the films that win the top Oscar these days look more like Barbie.
  14. barbenheimer
    Which Barbie Is Oppenheimer?Barbie can be anything, including a scientist who stole the world’s innocence by developing a harbinger of the apocalypse.
  15. q&a
    The One Thing Missing From Oppenheimer’s ScoreLudwig Göransson strategically avoided an entire instrument family and built one of the most beautifully agitating movie soundtracks.
  16. vulture lists
    12 (Even More) Depressing Things to Read and Watch After OppenheimerThese books, movies, and pieces of pop culture are a guide to the atomic era Oppenheimer unleashed.
  17. barbenheimer
    Benny Safdie Is Really Proud of How His Eyebrows ‘Shined’ in Oppenheimer“Every once in a while I have a straggler that I’ll just pluck out. But Chris said, ‘Don’t do that. Let’s just let it go crazy.’”
  18. chat room
    It Sure Feels Good to Have Robert Downey Jr. Onscreen AgainDowney wanted a new experience, and he got it in Oppenheimer, a movie that takes him from chummy to snakelike in a fascinating role.
  19. explainers
    What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in Oppenheimer?Even this most rigorous of biopics must at times employ shortcuts and shorthand.
  20. at the box office
    I Am Become Barbenheimer, Destroyer of Box Office RecordsBarbie and Oppenheimer’s staggering returns seem to signal franchise fatigue — or at least that audiences want alternatives to the same old, same old.
  21. let’s go party
    Who’s Winning the Barbenheimer Box Office?Barbie had the largest domestic opening of any female director, ever.
  22. da movies
    Barbenheimer Weekend: Fires, Chaos, and Memes[demonic voice] “Hi, Ken!”
  23. back to the movies
    How Are Movie Theaters Handling Barbenheimer?Here’s to hoping there are Kenough screens for every Barbie wearing a porkpie hat.
  24. scene report
    Even a Dog in a Pink Bandanna Did BarbenheimerIt’s cinema’s biggest night!
  25. character guide
    Who’s Who in Oppenheimer: A Guide to 36 Scientists, Soldiers, and RedsOppenheimer is a cavalcade of white men in suits exchanging rapid-fire dialogue about physics and war. Here’s how to tell them apart.
  26. endings
    The ‘Troubling Reverberations’ at the End of Oppenheimer, ExplainedIt’s the most shattering ending of anything Christopher Nolan has made, and maybe even of any studio blockbuster in recent memory.
  27. solidarity
    Don’t Worry, Your Barbenheimer Plans Don’t Cross Picket LinesThe double strike doesn’t have to affect your double feature.
  28. this is my hair i don’t wear wigs
    Cillian Murphy and Christopher Nolan Wage War (Against Wigs)This Barbie is all natural.
  29. vulture lists
    The 11 Biggest Box-Office BombsWhere does Oppenheimer rank?
  30. movie review
    Oppenheimer Is a Tragedy of Operatic GrandeurChristopher Nolan’s movie about the invention of the atomic bomb is almost too big to wrap your head around.
  31. is pink the new black?
    Barbenheimer Memes Are Blowing UpIs it a war or an alliance?
  32. behind the scenes
    How Christopher Nolan Crafted the World of OppenheimerThe film plays out across the landscapes of Los Alamos and of Cillian Murphy’s face.
  33. double feature
    The Only Way to Watch Barbie and OppenheimerYou’re wrong. We’re right. Long live Barbenheimer.
  34. here we go again
    The Battle of Barbenheimer Is Mamma Mia! vs. The Dark Knight All Over AgainVeterans of the last time a long, brooding thriller by Christopher Nolan faced off against a colorful, pop-tune-heavy romp weigh in on the parallels.
  35. vulture bets
    Which Supporting Characters in Oppenheimer Will Die of Radiation Poisoning?Let’s go down the 70-person cast list one by one until we find the most likely suspects.
  36. theories
    Is This What the Barbie Movie Is About Or Am I Crazy?Four theories about what Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach’s Barbie is really about.
  37. double feature
    The Dawn of BarbenheimerWhen it comes to Barbie vs. Oppenheimer at the box office, the film girlies are Team Cinema.
  38. why not both?
    Tom Cruise Is a Barbie-Oppenheimer Double-Feature Evangelist“It doesn’t get more explosive (or more pink).”
  39. extremely online
    Matt Damon Doesn’t Get Barbie vs. OppenheimerHe wouldn’t last a day on stan Twitter.
  40. smooches
    Christopher Nolan Says Oppenheimer Is ‘Kissing Three Hours’Just giving the three-hour mark a teeny-tiny smooch.
  41. summer preview 2023
    Here Come Fast X, Tom Cruise, and a Summer of Big MoviesBut which will be the biggest? In a post-Maverick glow, anything is possible.
  42. muses
    For Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy, It Was Love at First Sight“I remember being struck by your presence, literally from that one photograph.”
  43. nolan news
    Christopher Nolan Is Going Nuclear With OppenheimerThe Manhattan Project Hollywood project starring Cillian Murphy.
  44. cinemacon 2023
    Nolan Says Oppenheimer Is About ‘the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived’Christopher Nolan previewed footage from his latest at CinemaCon, featuring Matt Damon in a mustache and Robert Downey Jr. talking about spies.
  45. trailer mix
    Cillian Murphy Is So Stressed Out in the New Oppenheimer TrailerInventing humanity’s destruction is stressful work.
  46. boom! clap!
    Christopher Nolan Makes His Nuclear Bombs the Old-fashioned WayFor the Trinity test in Oppenheimer, the director used practical effects over CGI.
  47. trailer mix
    Cillian Murphy Sets the Earth Ablaze in Christopher Nolan’s OppenheimerBehold the first teaser for Nolan’s nuclear epic.
  48. nolan news
    Robert Downey Jr. to Star in His First Christopher Nolan FilmThis also marks the first Universal Pictures film for Nolan.
  49. casting
    Christopher Nolan Casts Cillian Murphy As Oppenheimer Reuniting in theaters July 2023.
  50. right-click
    See? We Told You the Scarlett Johansson Album Was OkayPlus: New music from the Hold Steady and the Re-Up Gang!