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  1. oprah
    Oprah’s New Show: How She Won by Backing DownThree reasons ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ is no ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show.’
  2. oprahpocalypse
    Who Will Be the Next Oprah?Speculation abounds.
  3. oprahpocalypse
    23 Years of Oprah Screaming Celebrity’s NamesA mesmerizing montage of Oprah’s celeb introductions.
  4. moyerspocalypse
    Forget Oprah, Bill Moyers is Retiring!The 75-year-old icon will leave end his show in April. (This coming April.)
  5. oprahpocalypse
    Oprah Invites Us on an Eighteen-Month-Long JourneyOprah’s slight job change in eighteen months is apparently something to cry about.
  6. oprahpocalypse
    More Details on Oprah’s Next Show, Set in L.A.“Why would anybody stay in Chicago? It’s freezing here.”
  7. oprahpocalypse
    Oprah Officially Quitting Broadcast TelevisionDon’t worry too much, as you’ll still have plenty of time to stock up on canned food and batteries.
  8. oprahpocalypse
    Oprah to Possibly Leave Broadcast TV, End WorldShe’ll move her talk show to her own cable network in 2011.