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Oren Moverman

  1. movie review
    No Movie Has Ever Looked Like Time Out of MindOren Moverman is attempting something hugely ambitious: a socially conscious, existential-­displacement art movie.
  2. pick up lines
    HBO Buys Hour-long Drama Laughs UnlimitedAbout veterans with PTSD.
  3. Woody Harrelson Was in a Bad Place Filming Rampart“He was like, ‘I’m about to lose my family. I can’t trust anyone.’”
  4. screenwriters
    Watch a Roundtable Discussion With High-Profile ScreenwritersPedro Almodóvar, Dustin Lance Black, Oren Moverman, Eric Roth, Aaron Sorkin, and Steven Zaillian talk about their jobs on-camera.
  5. the industry
    Kurt Cobain Is Getting a Biopic’The Messenger”s Oren Moverman is in talks to write and direct.
  6. the industry
    Ellen Page Not a Plain ‘Jane’Plus: New projects for Ben Kingsley, Samantha Morton, Josh Hartnett, Eva Mendes, and Woody Harrelson.