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  1. beefs
    Alec Baldwin Sure Does Hate Ben Brantley“Brantley is viewed as some odd, shriveled, bitter Dickensian clerk.”
  2. closing time
    Alec Baldwin–Starring Orphans Is Closing EarlyScore one for Shia LaBeouf.
  3. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: Orphans and Jekyll & Hyde“The question that lingers after the swift little dream of Orphans passes is: What just happened? What was that about?”
  4. chat room
    Ben Foster on Orphans, Tattoos, and Replacing Shia LaBeouf“I love that f-cker. He’s got a great mind.”
  5. last night on late night
    Shia LaBeouf Addressed the Alec Baldwin BeefPlus: Emilia Clarke promised “badder” dragons in Game of Thrones, and more, on our daily late-night roundup. 
  6. payback
    Shia LaBeouf Is Very Supportive of OrphansHe went to the first night of previews.
  7. beef
    Shia LaBeouf Counters Alec Baldwin With Old E-mail ConversationsIn which Shia calls Alec chief. Alec does not like this.
  8. replacements
    Ben Foster to Replace Shia LaBeouf on BroadwayAlso: Shia punched a door.
  9. beef
    Shia LaBeouf Left Orphans Because of Beef With Alec BaldwinThat’s why they call him Shia “the Beef.”
  10. exits
    Shia LaBeouf Won’t Be on Broadway After AllHe dropped out of Orphans.
  11. career moves
    Alec Baldwin Heading to Broadway After 30 RockIn Orphans.