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Orson Scott Card

  1. 6 Famous Authors Who’ve Written FanfictionThe Outsiders author S.E. Hinton wrote fanfiction about … The Outsiders?
  2. what to do
    Ethical Pop-Culture Consumption’s Slippery SlopeIt gets more complicated than punishing the Ender’s Game movie for Orson Scott Card’s writing.
  3. hollywood controversial
    A Primer on Orson Scott Card and the Ender’s Game ControversyA handy timeline of Card’s offensive opinions, from the publication of his book in 1985 to this week’s release of the movie adaptation.
  4. comic-con 2013
    Gay Controversy at Comic-Con Ender’s Game PanelHow did producers handle the homophobic statements of Orson Scott Card?
  5. controversy
    Homophobic Ender’s Game Author Asks for Tolerance As Movie Comes OutA planned boycott against the movie continues.