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  1. oscarpocalypse
    Will an Extended Football Season Push the Oscars to Monday?What happens if the Super Bowl is scheduled for the same night as the Oscars? Obviously the world will end.
  2. oscarpocalypse
    5 Reasons a January Oscars Is a Good IdeaMore drinking at the Golden Globes!
  3. oscarpocalypse
    Funny People to Present OscarsSacha Baron Cohen! Tina Fey! Steve Carell!
  4. oscarpocalypse
    Which Oscars Will Be Presented During Dance Numbers?“Though Shankman doesn’t want to reveal too much, smart money is on a few awards being presented within a dance routine.”
  5. oscarpocalypse
    Sacha Baron Cohen Almost Hosted the OscarsThe Academy “swatted it down” because he would’ve been “too big of a wild card.”
  6. oscarpocalypse
    Will Ten Best Picture Nominees Really Help Oscar Ratings?We still don’t think AMPAS will nominate movies people have actually seen.
  7. kudos
    Ten Reasons Why Ten Best Picture Nominations Is a Good ThingTwo times the Jackman!
  8. oscarpocalypse
    Can the Oscars Survive the Holocaust-Movie Drought of 2009?Did you know there are only two more Nazi movies coming out this year?
  9. oscarpocalypse
    Oscars’ Secret Ratings Weapon: the Team Behind AustraliaOscar host Hugh Jackman has asked Baz Luhrmann to produce his opening number on February 22.
  10. oscarpocalypse
    ‘Australia’: Still Not Done!Says Baz Luhrmann: ‘It’s a little like landing a jumbo jet on an aircraft carrier in a storm.’
  11. oscarpocalypse
    First Reviews for ‘Frost/Nixon’ Are Crappy/MiddlingAnother presumed Oscar contender bites the dust!